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(Opinion) Goldfish vs. Cheez-its

Which one is better?

                          Goldfish vs Cheez-its


The discussion of which is the better orange snack has been long debated. Goldfish, however, are the superior snack. Snack preferences often spark heated debates among enthusiasts, and the showdown between Goldfish and Cheez-Its is no exception. While both have their merits, I firmly believe that Goldfish emerge as the superior snack option. Goldfish, with their versatile shapes, savory flavors, and nostalgic charm, offer a snack experience that transcends the ordinary, making them the ideal choice for snack enthusiasts.

First and foremost, the variety of shapes that Goldfish come in adds an element of excitement to each bite. From smiling fish to playful whales, Goldfish shapes transform the simple act of snacking into a whimsical experience. This variety not only appeals to children but also to the young at heart. Cheez-Its, on the other hand, may boast a classic square shape, but the predictability pales in comparison to the surprise and delight that each handful of Goldfish brings.

Moreover, Goldfish are known for their delectable flavors that cater to diverse palates. Whether you’re craving the classic cheddar taste, the zesty parmesan, or the bold flavors of the pizza Goldfish, there’s a flavor for every mood. Cheez-Its, while undeniably tasty, lack the flavor variety that makes snacking an adventure. Goldfish’s commitment to innovation and flavor diversity places them at the forefront of the snack aisle.

The nostalgic charm of Goldfish is another factor that tips the scales in their favor. Many of us have fond memories of munching on these smiling fish during childhood, creating a connection that transcends taste. The iconic Goldfish shape triggers a wave of nostalgia that transforms snack time into a trip down memory lane. Cheez-Its, though delicious, lack this sentimental value that elevates the overall snacking experience.

Nostalgia plays a significant role in the preference for goldfish over Cheez-Its. Many individuals grew up with goldfish crackers as a staple in their lunchboxes, forming a nostalgic connection to these smiling fish-shaped treats. The emotional attachment to childhood snacks can influence adult preferences, making goldfish a comfort food that transcends its simple cracker status. Cheez-Its, while undoubtedly a popular snack, may lack the sentimental value that goldfish hold for those who associate them with fond memories of carefree days and school lunches.

Beyond the taste and nostalgia, there’s also a health-conscious argument in favor of goldfish. Goldfish crackers often boast a more favorable nutritional profile, with options like whole grain and baked varieties that cater to those seeking a healthier snacking alternative. While both goldfish and Cheez-Its may fall under the umbrella of processed snacks, the availability of healthier goldfish options provides consumers with a guilt-free choice for satisfying their craving for a savory, crunchy snack.

In conclusion, the goldfish versus Cheez-Its debate ultimately comes down to personal preference, but there’s a compelling case to be made for the aquatic-shaped crackers. With their charming design, diverse flavor options, versatility in recipes, and a dash of nostalgia, goldfish crackers offer a snack experience that goes beyond the simplicity of Cheez-Its. Whether enjoyed on their own or as a creative ingredient in culinary endeavors, goldfish prove that sometimes, the unconventional choice is the most satisfying.


Data: after interviewing 62 students or faculty it showed that 29 preferred Goldfish, 32 Cheez-its and 1 did not like either. Although this data is contradictory to my opinion I strongly believe that 32 people are wrong.

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