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Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie Behind The Scenes

Have you ever wondered how they made the set of the move? Well now you can know!
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The Five nights at Freddy’s movie is finally out!! And it seems to be gaining popularity by the audience. But this isn’t about the reviews its about what happened behind the screen! Now that the SAG strike is thankfully over for the actors, they can show pictures and stories of the set and working on it. There will be spoilers for this movie so be warned.

Some background of this series for fans of behind the scenes and not FNAF. Five Nights at Freddy’s movie is based off a popular survival horror game, where you play as a security guard keeping haunted animatronics out of your office. After several games and several years of waiting they finally released the movie. If you want a not so short recap of most of the story, (up to before the good lore came out for security breach) you can visit my article about the very topic by clicking here. yes, where its blue and underlined.

Max and Shadow Freddy being cute best friends.

Starting with Kat Conner Sterling, During the scene where Mike is in the parts in service room you can see Max aka Kat in the background in the Shadow Freddy suit. “they really did like stuff me in the suit” She says in one of her BTS videos. They had put make-up on her to give her the dead look, and for a more unnoticeable they put cessions around her because it was truly uncomfortable. Before that, when she was grabbed by a hand into the suit, the scene was shot over the course of a few days. It was a few days of all 8ft of Freddy or just his head. Originally Max was going to say “its okay honey, I wont hurt you” because she wanted to make sure that he was okay but it was cut. It mainly was just a loop of Kat slowly looking into the Freddy head and then her jolting back as she was grabbed while filming. Another fact for this part, Kat’s stunt double, Terrent Terrell is a WWE star.

Ella doll from 1:35 AM along with Sparky the hoax dog and half of Springtrap just chilling in the studio.

The puppets for the main animatronics were in fact puppets and no CGI was used. Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Golden Freddy all had people in them. Foxy was the only one without a suit, he had a big medal machine in his back to keep him standing up right, and to move. Sometimes, according to the crew, some of the animatronics would move on their own or catch on fire. Foxy’s arm caught on fire, the motor in his arm got too over heated to it started smoking, but everything was okay they just replaced it.

MatPat, Game Theory, the big man himself, was the waiter for Sparkys diner in the movie. His scene was the first ever scene shot, and the Pizzeria itself wasn’t even done being built. While he was on set he got to see all the clothes  everyone wore and the mix and matches of every outfit. There he found that Markiplier was supposed to be the opening security guard, but unfortunately due to his movie scheduling for iron lung he couldn’t make it. Dawko and some other YouTubers were also invited onto the set. They got to meet Freddy and the gang in all their glory and they acted just like they did in the movie too.. except less murder-y. At one point while they visited, they were filming the fort scene with the main four, Abby, Mike, and Vanessa, but at that point it was just the main four on the ground with chairs around them.

Thanks to Kat, Dawko, MatPat (Film Theory), Razzbowski, for the behind the scenes.

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