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Have You Been Doing School All Wrong?

Maybe not, but AI can make it easier.
Artificial Intelligence & AI & Machine Learning.

The use of artificial intelligence, or AI, in school, will redefine what busy work is: The idea is that if an AI tool can replicate a tedious task with the same result as a student, then that task is not worth the student’s time. For example, if a student is asked to create a table given a set of numbers, there is no reason those numbers shouldn’t be plugged into an AI tool for a quicker result.

Ai when studying or doing research: Ai is a great tool for studying because it has the unique ability to simplify and organize information quickly and easily. For example, if you are given the task of writing down the definition for 100 history terms detailed in a provided list. AI can take those terms, and find a definition that you can set by either a certain context or even length in words. This use of AI simply removes the tediousness of typing in each term and scrolling through Google search results to find the definition. It allows you to focus on the actual objective without wasting time, writing down and memorizing historical information.

The use of AI in school could be compared to using a calculator. Calculators make tough math easier for students by doing complicated sums accurately, which is super helpful, especially in the trickier parts of math where all the numbers can get confusing. They free students up to really get what they’re learning without getting stuck in the nitty-gritty of adding and subtracting.

A robotic hand simulates humans using a computer.

In the real world, adults use calculators and now more than ever, AI, for economic purposes, engineering, science, and R&D. Letting students use ai, just like calculators, in school helps connect what they learn in class to how things work in real life, making sure they’re ready for the real world. Just like using complex graphing calculators and words, the use of ai is a skill that can be refined and harnessed for productivity. As things change in school, there’s more focus on being smart at figuring things out rather than just memorizing facts. Calculators help with that by letting students think more and memorize less, which is the kind of thinking they’ll need to do great in the future. Ai is comparable in that it can more seamlessly give you specific search results without the hassle of browsing irrelevant websites.

AI can be used for improvement of projects: AI can be used when generating images for a project. Ai is a great tool for this because it allows students to give a visual representation when they otherwise would not have been able to.

ChatGPT logo. ChatGPT is a popular AI program used among students.

The cons of AI Where is the line when using ai for writing in school. If a student is asked to summarize a book, ai can do that, but the student will not have proved that they could summarize the book. This would be comparable to using other students’ work. If it is merely an exercise to refresh the student on the contents of the book are, then their grade on an assessment of that will reflect their true understanding. If a student is asked to write an opinion piece on an article, but they use ai, should their submitted ai opinion piece be considered valid. The answer lies in the use of it. When it comes to writing opinions, there are usually no wrong answers if you can back up your claim. However even if the student is able to back up the ai’s opinion it is not THEIR opinion, thus they have not correctly completed the assignment.

The use of AI in school can also benefit teachers. AI-powered tools can help grade assignments, give quick feedback, and handle administrative duties. This means teachers get more time to directly help and connect with students. It changes education to be more about people, with teachers guiding learning instead of just giving out information.


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