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iCarly Reboot Cancelled?

So many viewers are disappointed.
Logo of iCarly 2021 TV series.

Do you remember over two years ago when iCarly was announced? Well now the iCarly reboot show is being cancelled after 3 seasons. Fans of the reboot are upset about this since the last episode was left on a huge cliffhanger.

The iCarly sequel was a show that followed the grown-up characters of the original iCarly. They navigate new problems like work and relationships. There were original characters like Carly, Spencer, and Freddy. There were also new characters, Harper, and Millicent. But that sadly came to an end after three seasons.

Miranda Cosgrove holding a piece of paper that says “iCarly premieres June 17 on Paramount +.” (Paramount+)

Carly reboot.

Paramount Plus came out and announced this news on October 5th. There has been no word of why the show is getting cancelled but there were words left to the farewell. One of their unnamed spokesmen had this to say “The series had a great three-season run and delivered on what fans really wanted to see with Carly and Freddie finally getting together. We want to thank the entire cast, the writers, directors, and producers along with the whole crew for their dedication, creativity, and talent.”

A lot of fans are upset about this news, but they have their theories. The top two theories are that the show was cancelled because of Jennette McCurdy, or the writers’ strikes that have been going on have caused the show not to be able to go on.

Jennette had been harassed and assaulted by producer and screenwriter Dan

iCarly cast accepting their award at KCA 2022. (

Schneider on the set of the original iCarly. When they started to reboot the show, they reached out to Jennette. She had turned down the role because of her mental health then she had quit acting altogether because it had been a traumatic experience for her. When the news of how Jennette McCurdy was treated during the original iCarly came out a lot of people were disgusted by it and didn’t even want to watch the reboot.

On the other hand, there people think the show was cancelled because of the writers’ strike. There have been other shows that haven’t had renewed seasons like Cobra Kai, Stranger Things and Abbott Elementary. The iCarly reboot wasn’t as popular as the original iCarly show was so it was more than likely that the reboot wasn’t making as much money as the original was. This easily could have been the reason why the show wasn’t renewed.

Cast member Laci Mosley who plays Harper Bettencourt shared a tweet that said “Thank you for tuning in to the reboot. Everyone put their deeply kind talented souls into this.” Then continued by saying that this was the best cast to work with in the business.

Viewers of the show are sad sense the story was left on such a big cliff hanger. *Spoiler: As Carly’s wedding is happening, her mom enters but we never get to see who her mom was. Although the cast was incredibly disappointed by the show’s ending, they hope that the fans are at least happy that Carly and Freddy ended up together.

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