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Fortnite New Season

Even Ice Spice Likes It!
Ice Spice performing at Soundcloud Next Wav Brooklyn. Photographed and filmed by Keinoflo (Akien O. Brown)

Every few months Fortnite comes out with a brand-new season. In every new season they always come out with map changes, new skins, new weapons, and a new battle pass. You should expect new collaborations between Fortnite and huge content creators like maybe Ice Spice, Sexy Redd, and Cardi B.

The new battle pass will include a lot of new skins, pickaxes, gliders, and many other cosmetics. There will also be a new ice spice emote for her signature dance that will be included in the battle pass. There will also be a new spray that says munch to represent ice spice fans.

The map will change a lot this season. The plan and leaks that have been published is that we will be getting taken back to the Season 5-chapter 1 map. The Pois in this map include Tilted Towers, greasy grove, loot lake, flush factory, pleasant park, haunted hills, and many more.

Season 5 map (Screen Grab)

This Season is bringing back a ton of old weapons and some new weapons. The pump, Scar, revolver, tac shotgun, and many more weapons are coming back. The loot pool is changing a lot they are bringing back boogie bombs but the rarity of them is dropping down to uncommon when they used to be rare. Grenades will be staying in the game, but they are also bringing back dynamite.

Fortnite season 5 was one of the greatest seasons in Fortnite history. The season was released on July 12th, 2018- September 27th, 2018. Within the battle pass they introduced tiered skins, there were different phases and outfits each skin based off how much xp/level you were at the time. This season also introduced throwables/toys that your character could throw, shoot, and hit. They also came out with the first transportation Fortnite had ever had which was golf carts and shopping carts that you could drift in and ride with your buddies. The battle pass had a ton of good skins like drift, sun strider, Ragnarock, and a few others.

The season 5 Fortnite loading screen. (Screen Grab)
Sun Strider from Fortnite (Screen Grab)

The new Season is going to bring back a lot of old players that used to play the game whenever it was actually good. The nostalgia that the players will get is a feeling unlike anything else. Old Fortnite was the best game and the best time that a lot of young people have had. Fortnite is finally listening to its community by bringing back the “OG” things that everyone loves.

There will still be some differences between the old season 5 season and the new one that will come out. In the new season there will be ranked with 8 different ranks they are Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, elite, champ, and unreal. Unlike the old season which had arena which was a point system that had 10

The new seasons Ranked System (Screen Grab)

divisions in it that were open division which were 1-4 and contender division which was 5-7 and finally 8-10 which was champion. Another big difference is that their was siphon in the old season 5 and there is no siphon in the new season.

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