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Do the Crisleys Know Best?

The Chrisley parents caught in a scandal.
USA Network, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
USA Network, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

People are shocked at the news of the beloved Chrisley family who star in the reality TV show Chrisley Knows Best. The Chrisley family has been very popular over the years, and many followed along with their expensive and lavish lifestyle by watching their reality tv show. The Chrisley family always put on the face that they were honest and hardworking people on their show, so this is all so hard to believe. Many look up to them and their show had many fans, so it came as much of a surprise when people found out about the legal troubles they were facing.

People were always urging to do interviews with the famous Chrisley family.

Todd and Julie Chrisley have been convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion and have received 19 years of combined prison time. This all began in August 2019 when they were indicted and charged of these crimes after the FBI and IRS ran an investigation on them. It is said that they got more than $36 million dollars from the personal loans they took out then spent all the money and filed for bankruptcy. It is also said that they didn’t pay their taxes for certain years and tried to say that they didn’t generate any income for those years which is proven to be false.

Julie Chrisley has additionally been charged with counts of obstruction of justice for trying to submit a false document to a grand jury to make it seem as if they did not lie to the bank about their accounts. The trial only took about 3 weeks, and they were convicted by a jury last June and have been imprisoned since January. Their accountant Peter Tarantino has also been charged because of his involvement in the bank fraud and tax evasion and he helped them to do all of this. Peter Tarantino has since been convicted and sentenced to 3 years in prison for multiple counts of tax related violations.

Savannah Chrisley taking a stand for what she believes in and voicing her opinion in an interview.

Todd is serving his time at FPC Pensacola and Julie is currently serving her time at the FMC in Lexington. Both have expressed that the prisons they are being held in have very bad conditions and their kids have been petitioning for change and reform.  The family has expressed their support immensely for their parents during this trial and conviction and have not turned their backs on them. Savannah Chrisley has especially been voicing her opinions about this situation a lot and you can even see her appear in interviews to talk about what is going on with her parents. Savannah Chrisley has also stepped up since her parent’s imprisonment and has taken custody of her younger siblings being the role model that they need.

This trial generated much publicity because of the popularity of the family and the TV show. Overall, this whole situation has been very sad and surprising for the fans of the show and also the family who didn’t see this coming at all. Many fans of the show have shown support, but others have not because they believe that what they did was very wrong, and they deserve to be behind bars.

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