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Cats Are Liquid: A Story Worth Being Told

Its about more than a glowy, blobby cat named Lumi.
Ozzie Sibley
Lumi looks so happy while having such a depressing storyline.

Spinning rooms, small walls, big orange spikes, all alone and in a different strange place. stuck in long, mazing rooms filled with dangerous obstacles after every corner, Lumi is all alone in her new world. Wondering where her owner and friends are and why they put her in these series of rooms she continues to find a way out, but on the way she finds herself finding comfort in some of this.

Cats are Liquid: A Light in the Shadows is the first game out of the two games. It is about a cat named Lumi trapped in a set of rooms her owner locked her in, she tries to constantly find ways out. Along the way, she gets new abilities given and taken in almost every new room. She is desperate but eventually gives into the room, then comes the 2nd game Cats are Liquid: A Better Place. Lumi is with her 3 friends locked in a world they built together. after exploring, eventually they get separated after strange glitches appear and Lumi is alone and scared once more. She travels alone but instead of rejoining her friends she goes alone, to think of her new found feelings she gained when she got lost. Both games have a similar theme to them, which falls under depressing and heartbreaking, but the art style and game play makes you forget about that sometimes. You can fine both Cats are Liquid games on mobile and steam, and its a adventure, indie game.

She was just going around with her friends and now she’s all alone.

There aren’t many theories out there on this game because there’s not much of a fanbase. BUT I can supply my own theories and stories about Lumi and her friends. A Better Place, the 2nd game made out of the two, in fact is a prequel to A Light in the Shadows. Lumi and her friends make this world together but something in Lumi twists up inside.. almost like she remembers something, something from a life ago. She feels unsure.. like something isn’t right with her surroundings or that something, somewhere is out of place. So she explores to empty her head of these thoughts and leaves her friends behind. She starts getting worse after she looses her first power.. then worse and worse after the next lose of her new abilities. Eventually she gains a friend, the square. It helps her pass levels, and she becomes dependent and when it leaves too, she becomes angry with everything. she sees her friends again, but they have moved on and now she is left alone. She goes into a new word full of repeating structures and eventually she reboots everything to the beginning.. the very beginning. Now at the next game, we visit Lumi in her own world she seems to have locked herself into. Her owner has probably died so she grieves and locks her in a comforting world. Unfortunately for her its not much of comfort the new rooms give her, she gains power, and looses them after a while and so on. she starts feeling despair until she meets the square. The square is her comfort, her friend, the feeling she has with her owner. Once again, it leaves her alone to the rooms, she grows more depressed and desperate for away out. She cant go on anymore in these rooms so she “reboots” herself, a large ceiling full of orange spikes fall on her and it ends.

Cats are liquid is an amazing game, both of them are. Its a simple adventure game with simple mechanics of going left and right but with such a big story. each level is different with different abilities and its so fun to play!

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    rowanApr 8, 2024 at 10:13 AM

    I’ve played both I cried