Lafayette Spotlight: Mrs. Suzan McCorry

Meet Mrs. Suzan McCorry, the stellar head of the the Theater Department here at LHS!  She penned her own responses to our favorite questions—read on to learn more!


I teach 3 sections of Theatre Foundations, Musical Theatre, Stage Movement, Technical Theatre, Acting & Directing

I was asked to start the first middle school Theatre program at at Toano MS, which I enjoyed, but needed a change and was excited to move up to the high school level. This si my 15th year teaching Theatre / with some years of teaching Public Speaking classes, that I loved! Overall 23  years in WJCC Schools as a Theatre Educator.

(Undergraduate Degree) West Chester University of Pennsylvania  (Masters in Directing)  Roosevelt Universtiy -Chicago College of Performing Arts of the Theatre Conservatory

I love teaching theatre. I feel I have the best job! I love the creativity, that teaching theatre allows me to share with my students. I thoroughly enjoy being around young adults, as their energy is contagious. The amazing colleagues I get to work with, as the offer so much of their own intellectual insights, books to read, and seminars to attend, and they too add to my joy of each day I enter Lafayette HS. Being a lifelong learner, I am growing and evolving, and my students push me to another level. It is never stagnate, thus this adds to my happiness of teaching each day and why I love to teach theatre.  I starting perforning on stage at a young age as a dancer (3 years old). In third grade, my teacher would always have me readMy first lead role was in 4th grade. I played the role of Sacagawea in the Expedition of Lewis and Clark.
I was a nursing major when I entered college. I didn’t care of the heavy science classes, so I switched over to education, as my dad was a college professor, my mother and grandmother were teachers too.
I wish I continued on (after my masters in directing)- I wanted to get a PHD in Dramaturgy. I like the idea of diving into a play – like being an archeoligist. Every facet of a Dramaturg intriques me!
If I can live anywhere in the world, it would be in the city of love. Paris. I love the ambience, the cafes, the food, the people, and the language (even though I do not speak French, but it is on my bucket list)!
If I could coach an LHS team, it would be cheerleading. I was a Varstiy cheerleader all 4 years of high school at Centereach HS, Centereach, Long Island. I was a captain my senior year. I loved the competitiions, the gymnastics we incorporated into our team sport (and that was a big deal in those days).
If i could live during another time- I would choose the 1950s. It seems like it was a simplier way of living, no cell phones, more family dinners, I like things that are now retro- that seems 50s to me.
My ideal vacation is adventure, as hiking Machu Picchu, or sailing on a large sailboat in the Caribbea,  with a captain and cook, as well as sailing around the Agean Sea in Greece. (These trips I have done, and are my all time favorites, so I would want to repeat).
My advice to students- 
  1. Ignore the ‘DRAMA’, but that doesn’t mean don’t participate in the ‘drama/ theatre program! There is a HUGE difference.
  2. Take risks. Get involved. Don’t go home after school. Be involved at your school. Get out of your comfort zone (such as try acting, get on stage, take up a new hobby, learn a new skills, try a sport that you thought you could never do). You don’t have to be the best, just join something and become part of a ‘team’, ‘club’, or ‘family’ that these things will offer.
  3. Make connections. Stay connected with those important people. They might be the ones you come back to later and could help you in some way. In other words, also don’t burn bridges.
  4. Do not engage with any type of negative situations, or people. This is so toxic. Move away from the source. If that means new friends, find them. Being around happy, positive people, will help you become happier too.
  5. Eat HEALTHY, drink lots of WATER,  EXERCISE, get plenty of SLEEP! This will not only help your brain, but will overall help your body. You have a long life to live and taking care of YOU is crucial in life. So start now.
  6. Work hard. It will pay off. No shortcuts.
  7. Be passionate about whatever you do.
  8. READ. READ a lot. EVERYDAY. Even a few pages, or a chapter a day, each evening before going to bed. Find different genres to read.
  9. Put the cell phone away. ENGAGE with people. Talk, listen, look at each other in the eyes. Less texting and more being present with family and friends.
  10. Be KIND.
  11. Be YOU. Don’t try to immitate someone else. You are unique and have your own qualities. Shine Bright.
  12. Be PRESENT and live in the moment. Before you know it, high school years, will be over. You can’t go back. No do-overs. Enjoy high school and all the opportunities you can gain from being a RAM. I promise you will look back someday with fond memories.
My favorite color: any shade of purple. It’s a spiritual color.
If I was stranded on an island with 3 LHS colleagues. I would want to be on an island with Ms. Lisa Wathen, for her sensitivity and spirituality. Ms. Dawn Sullivan for her sense of humor and easy going attitude – also my Long Island friend. Mr. Paul Rice to share all his knowledge of books and journaling that I similarly enjoy.
Hugh Jackman is my favorite actor. He is a versatile actor, playing many roles that are super heroes , action stars, and romantic characters from Wolverine to his recent broadway run of playing Professor Harold Hill, in The Music Man. (which Mrs. McCorry sat in center orchestra 5th row and was in awe of Hugh Jackman the entire musical). He is gracious, funny, down to earth, humble, humble and so charismatic. He checks all the boxes for him to be my next husband. (note: Mrs. McCorry is happily married to her current husband for 43 years, and has 5 grown children, 4 grandsons and soon to be 5- another grandson due any day)! 
I have SO many favorite books! I love reading all genres. If I had to pick one, it would The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom. I refer to this book often.
A few other pieces of advice before I go:
12. Keep your word and promises that you make.
13. Have gratitude. Find those big and small things that you are grateful for, each day. Journal at least 3-5 things each night before you go to sleep. It not only will make you feel good,  but you will sleep better too.