Lafayette Spotlight: Wyatt Alston

A man of many careers — which ones? Read on to find out!

Lafayette Spotlight: Wyatt Alston

Mr Alston is a Buisness CTE courses teacher with real world experience in a number of companies. Along with that he is a huge supporter of Lafayette athletics and loves to root for the Rams.


Q – Where are you from?

A – Born in Richmond, VA. Grew up in Bon Air. Graduated from Midlothian HS.

Q – How long have you been teaching at LHS?

A – This is my 4thyear at LHS, and my 4th year teaching. I am a late in life career switcher, spending 35+ years in Sales and Marketing with several companies (large and small).

Q – Where did you go to college?

A – Davidson College (near Charlotte, NC). Now known as the school that Steph Curry went to.

Q – What do you teach?

A – Marketing and Business courses.

Q – Why did you decide to become a teacher?

A – My mother was a Math teacher in VA. My family is full of teachers. I decided to make the switch to see if I could be a teacher also.

Q – Do you have any advice for the youth today?

A – Find something that you are really interested in, and that you will work at. You are more likely to be successful that way.  And try a lot of different things to find what that is.

Q – What’s your favorite cheese? 

A – Swiss.

Q – Do you have an original joke? 

A – Can’t think of one. I just find life is funny a lot of times.

Q – If you could have the power of any animal but to get bit you would have to be bit by the animal which one would you choose and why?

A – A Sea Turtle (my spirit animal).

Q – If you were stranded on a deserted island which 3 LHS teachers would you want with you and why?

A – Ms. McCorry – we could put on shows. Mr. Ekstrom – my piano playing partner (from talent shows) – we would find some way to play music (coconut keyboard?). Mr. Wlilhide – he is funny and positive – and would be in the shows.    All are from different subject areas – I could learn new things from them.