Lafayette Spotlight: James Holbert

Meet Mr. Holbert, a wonderful man who puts his time and patience making sure that the children who need more help in education get the help they need.


What do you do/teach here?

Special Education teacher working with Specific Learning Disability and Emotional Disturb Students in the general education environment.


Why did you come to LHS and how many years have you been here?

I have worked at LHS for six years and I came because of a coaching opportunity in football.


What college did you go to?

West Virginia University on a football scholarship.


Why did you decide to teach/work here?

I struggled as a student, and I felt I could help other students like me.


What do you love about your job?

Every student is different but when the light in their head turns on it is a feeling you cannot describe.


If you could meet anyone from any time in the past, who would you choose and why?

Benjamin Franklin, because of all the ideals he brought to us that we use today.


What’s your favorite cheese?



If you got supernatural powers by being bitten by an animal, which animal would it be and why? (Example; a spider biting peter parker and created spiderman.)

I got bitten by a tick and developed an allergy to wheat. So, I really do not want to be bit by any animal.


What’s your favorite joke?

Really do not have one in particular but I do like comedy.


What’s your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to?

New Orleans, LA.