Lafayette Spotlight : Jennifer Taylor

Love science? Meet Ms. Taylor!

Meet Jennifer Taylor!

Q- What do you do/teach here? 

A- I am a science teacher. This year I am teaching Biology and Chemistry but I am planning on also teacher Principles of Biomedical Science and Anatomy next year.

Q- Why did you come to LHS and how many years have you been here?

A- I actually did my student teaching at Lafayette years ago when I was in grad school. After several years away teaching in another school system and then teaching Homebound for WJCC, I was SO excited to get the chance to return to where I started. This is my second year at Lafayette. I loved Lafayette as a student teacher and there is no other high school I would rather be at!

Q- What college did you go to?

A-  I attended William and Mary for both my undergraduate (Biology) and graduate (Masters of Arts in Teaching: Secondary Science) degrees.

Q- Why did you decide to teach?

A- Teaching is the perfect combo of two of my most favorite things: Science and interacting with people:)

Q- What do you love about your job?

A- I love the energy of working in a school and with a team of other teachers all working towards the same goal. Even on the bad days, that energy is far better than a job that is quiet and solitary. I love building relationships and sharing the awesomeness of science with students!

Q- What is your favorite cheese?

A- That is a really hard one because I love cheese. I would say it is a tie between feta and a good quality English cheddar cheese.

Q- What’s your favorite color?

A- Red is my favorite color.

Q- Lefty or Righty?

A- I am a righty.