Lafayette Spotlight: Ms. Hanks

Mrs. Hanks’ door is well known by kids who visit the Math Hallway every day.


Meet Mrs. Hanks!  She’s a member of the Math Department, and has a lot of fun ideas to share!


Q- Why did you become a teacher? 

A-When I was in high school I was a swim coach. I always said I would never be a teacher, but one summer in college I decided to stay at school and take extra classes. I missed teaching the kids how to swim, so I decided then that I wanted to be a teacher.


Q-Where did you go to collage?

A- I went to Virginia Tech for my undergraduate degree, Old Dominion University for my master’s degree, and I went to William and Mary for other graduate classes.


Q-What do you teach

A-I teach math, including AP Calculus BC, Probability and Statistics, and Algebra 2/Trig.


Q- What do you love about teaching

A- I love working with students and teaching them how amazing math can be.


Q- When did you become a teacher and why?

A- I came to LHS 25 years ago because it was where I graduated high school. Once a Ram, always a Ram!


Q- What are your hobbies?

A- My hobbies include crocheting, knitting, quilting, and using my Cricut. I also enjoy being outdoors and spending time at the pool.


Q- Where is your ideal vacation?

A-My ideal vacation is to be on a warm beach with my family.


Q- What is your favorite color?

A-My favorite color is pink.


Q-What is your favorite movie?

A-I have a lot of movies I really enjoy. I think my all-time favorite might be Goonies.