Lafayette Spotlight: Christopher Johnson

Mr. Johnson, a fun history teacher!

Lafayette Spotlight: Christopher Johnson

Meet Mr. Johnson, a newer teacher here at Lafayette high school!

Q- What is your position at Lafayette?

A- A history teacher.

Q- Where did you go to college?

A-Suny Oswego, in New York!

Q-What made you want to teach at LHS?

A- My wife had gotten a job in the area, and WJCC schools was a very nice district.

Q- What do you love about your job?

A- Working with the students and making the learning experience fun.

Q- How many years have you worked at LHS?

A-This year is my third year, here at Lafayette.

Q- Do you prefer cats or dogs?

A- Dogs

Q-Do you have any family?

A- Yes, I do, and a baby on the way.

Q-What is your favorite color?

A- Blue.

Q- What is your favorite thing about Lafayette?

A-That sense that there is family and community here at this school and there wasn’t much where I used to work.

Q-Do you prefer movies or TV?

A- TV!