Lafayette Spotlight: Brady Wilhide


Derrick, DJ

this is mr wilhide

Brady Wilhide is a beloved teacher and coach here at LHS.  Read on to learn more about him!

Q–Why did you become a teacher? 

A–I had a lot of impactful teachers when I was in high school. I really enjoyed history in high school and as I got older I wanted to make a positive impact in whatever community I ended up in after college. I went into teaching because I wouldn’t be who I am today without my teachers and I wanted to make a positive impact.

Q–What college did you go to 


A–I went to the College of William and Mary.


Q–What do you teach?


A–I can teach all things Social Studies. But I usually teach AP Human Geography, World History II and Sociology.


Q–What do you love about teaching?


A–I love teaching because it is something new everyday. No day is exactly the same. I also enjoy trying to make history and social studies fun and exciting.


Q–why did you come to lhs and how many years have you been here?


A–After I graduated college, I knew I wanted to stay in Williamsburg. I applied to WJCC and was offered the job here at LHS. I was very excited and said yes immediately. I have been here at Lafayette for 6 years.


Q–What are your hobbies?


A–I enjoy coaching. I also enjoy playing Golf, Fishing, and sitting by my fire pit.


Q-where is your dream / ideal vacation?


A–My ideal vacation is getting a beach house with my family and friends.


Q–when you were in high school what was your favorite class?


A–My favorite class was AP European History. It was incredibly interesting class and the teacher was awesome. I also really enjoyed the engineering classes through Project lead the way.


Q–what is your favorite color ?


A–My favorite color is Purple.


Q–what is your favorite movie?


A–My favorite movie is Shrek.