Lafayette Spotlight: Mr. Wortman

Mr. Wortman answers some interesting questions about his life.

Meet beloved Lafayette High school History teacher, Mr. Wortman.

Q – What do you teach at Lafayette? 

A – “I teach AP Human, World History 2, and Law and Society.”

Q – Why did you come to LHS, and how many years have you been here?   

A – “22nd year at Lafayette, I came to coach and be closer to Richmond.”

Q – What College did you go to? 

A – “I went to Duke as an undergrad, then William & Mary for 2 years for my Masters.”

Q – Why did you decide to teach?   

A – “I liked the subject matter and working with kids to develop skills and knowledge.”

Q – What do you love about your job?   

A – “I like kids and the classes I’m teaching along with the structure of my day.”

Q – What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

A – “Coffee heath bar crunch from Ben & Jerry’s.”

Q – What is your dream pet?  

A – “Kangaroo!”