Lafayette Spotlight: Ms. Banks


I had the chance to interview the wonderful school nurse here at Lafayette High school the funny and wonderful Ms. Banks.

Where are you from originally?

Conroe, Texas.

How long have you been teaching, and how long at LHS?

Nurse for 1.5 years.

Where did you go to college?

Air Force Community College, Troy University, Liberty University.

What subject(s) do you teach?

Life facts, When to use ice, Why should you NOT take ibuprofen on an empty stomach, Ibuprofen and Motrin are the same thing, What ovulation is and why you can get pregnant while…..ovulating,Why nurses need actual degrees.

Why did you become a nurse?

I was a medic in the Air Force, then became a nurse.

What are your hobbies?

Sleeping because this place is exhausting.

What’s your favorite cheese?


When you were in High School, what was your dream job?

Astronaut – to be the Flight Surgeon on missions.


In conclusion we have one the of the best and coolest nurses in the state, let alone the world!