Lafayette Spotlight: Mrs. Tounzen

Austen Townsend guards the door to his homonym-teacher’s offices.


Below me are some interview questions and answers from Ms. Tounzen!

Q–Where are you originally from?

A–I grew up in Newport News, Virginia.

Q–How long have you been teaching/at LHS?

A–This is my fourth year at LHS.

Q–Where’d you go to college?

A–I went to ODU for a year and then got married and went to work.

Q–What subjects do you teach?

A–I am a one-to-one TA in a self-contained classroom.

Q–Why’d you become a teacher?

A–I have a special needs son and I felt like this is what I was supposed to do.

Q–Where is your ideal vacation?

A–I would love to spend a vacation in a cabin in the mountains.

Q–What are your hobbies?

A–I love taking care of my pets, especially my bunnies.

Q–Favorite cheese?

A–Alouette garlic cheese spread.