Lafayette Spotlight: Mr. Goldman

Mr. Goldman loves goat cheese—but on a cracker, or by itself? Read on to find out!


Below me are some interview questions/answers from Mr. Goldman!

Q–Where are you originally from?

A–Baltimore, Maryland.

Q–How long have you been teaching/at LHS?

A–5 years.

Q–Where’d you go to college?

A–William & Mary for bachelor’s degree, University of Delaware for master’s degree.

Q–What subjects do you teach?

A–Social Studies – Mainly world geography and U.S. history.

Q–Why’d you become a teacher?

A–I really enjoy being a problem solver, and creating lessons and helping students learn is like one giant, year-long puzzle.

Q–Where is your ideal vacation?

A–Asleep in my bed.

Q–What are your hobbies?

A–Soccer (watching and playing) and fantasy sports are two of my biggest hobbies. I won the LHS Teacher Fantasy Football League last year and finished 3rd this year!

Q–Favorite cheese?

A–Goat cheese. It’s amazing on an herb cracker or in a salad.