The Issue with Chris Tyson of the Mr. Beast Channel

The Controversy About Chris Tyson being Trans


A picture of Mrbeast at the Kids Choice Awards on the left and a picture of Chris Tyson holding a Mrbeast skateboard on the right.

Chris Tyson Before they came out as Trans after the $200,000 YouTuber battle royale competition was filmed 12 March 2019

Mr. Beast is the most subscribed-to channel on YouTube with over 130 million subscribers on his main channel alone. Mr. Beast has been making videos since 2012 and along with him has been his friend Chris Tyson.

Chris Tyson has been on Mr. Beast channel since the beginning and has helped add entertainment and fun to the channel. Slowly but surely, Chris started to show more feminine traits which sparked controversy among viewers, some claiming that they missed “the old Chris” and that Carl (another Mr. Beast member) had turned him gay, others were much more supportive of this behavior and encouraged Chris to continue being themselves.

The real controversy did not hit though until much more recently when during a live stream on the Mr. Beast Channel, Chris was dressed in a very feminine way. Multiple videos of people coming after Chris for dressing this way were posted all over social media and people everywhere were saying that Chris was Transgender. The videos criticizing Chris for having more feminine traits started showing up on the internet, again claiming that the “old Chris” is better than the “new Chris.”

Chris came out as trans on April 10th, 2023, stating that they had been on HRT for a couple months.

Mr. Beast at the Kids Choice Awards 2023 giving his speech.

The situation with Chris really should not be an issue to anyone watching the Mr. Beast channel, and it definitely should not be a political issue either. Luckily there are people like Mr. Beast himself, who has defended Chris and reminded everyone that there is nothing wrong with what is happening.

One of the biggest concerns that has come with Chris coming out as trans is that people think this decision has destroyed Chris’s family. Although we don’t know why Chris and their wife divorced, many are assuming that it has something to do with Chris finding out they are trans. People have attacked Chris, saying things like their son will never have a father figure or that they have ruined their son’s life. Chris has responded to the comments by saying that it does not matter how they identify as that as long as they show affection and care for their son that is what matters.

MrBeast in a Fidias YouTube Video in April 2022

I completely agree. I think that what matters in parenting is not having the “ideal couple of a father and mother” but parents who care for their child. Many people have claimed that the situation with Chris Tyson will jeopardize the Mr. Beast Channel since people don’t want to see Chris. This is of course crazy, to suggest that people would stop watching all together because someone came out as trans.  Although the numbers may drop, I don’t believe that Mr. Beast is going anywhere anytime soon.

I think the Chris Tyson situation is an example of how Transgender people are treated in this day and age, because of the miseducation of many people.