Lafayette Spotlight: Amanda Weaver


Learn about Amanda Weaver how they contribute to the LHS community and more!


Q–Where are you from originally?

A–Williamsburg, VA – LHS graduate Class of ‘89

Q–How long have you been at LHS?

A– I have been at LHS for 9 years, however, I started working for the school division in 1997.

Q–Where did you go to college?

A–Thomas Nelson Community College

Q–What job do you do here?

A–I am an Administrative Assistant for LHS

Q–Do you have any advice for young people today?

A–If you never try you’ll never know.

Q–If you Could meet anyone from any time in the past, who would you choose and why?

A–My grandparents (they all passed away before I was born).

Q–What are your hobbies?

A–Crafting / Going to the beach / Spending time w/family & friends.

Q–What is your ideal vacation?

A–The beach.

Q–When you were in High School what was your dream job?

A–A labor & delivery nurse.