Boston Sports Over the Years

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Boston Sports have always been good. Throughout the last few decades they have won multiple championships and all three major sports. The Red Sox, the New England Patriots in and the Boston Bruins are always usually in the playoffs, and usually always competing for the championship the Boston Celtics have made it to the Eastern conference finals the last four out of six years. The New England Patriots, in the last 20 years, the patriots have won 6 super bowls. made nine of them with the greatest quarterback in the sport tom brady. Also the Bruins are always competing for the playoff spot in the early 2010s. They weren’t good but as of right now they are one of the best teams in the NHL ever they have the most wins ever as a franchise and have scored the most points in league history. They are shattering numerous records this year and it’s  something they have never done before.

The Boston Celtics have a built, a very deep line up over the last few years. They have very young players in Jayson, Tatum and Jaylen Brown, who are in there fifth and sixth year they have a whole bunch of tenure vets on the team with a lot of experience, and just very smart players. They made the NBA finals last year. and we’re two games away from winning the NBA finals. They lost to the Warriors but  it still a really good run. The Boston Celtics play the Atlanta Hawks this year in the playoffs and if they win, they should go on to face Miami Heat.

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The New England Patriots have not been good in the last three or so years but before that they had Tom Brady he left off three years ago. but when they had Tom Brady for a 20 year span, they were unstoppable and those last three years or so of his career made the Super Bowl every time three years straight. they have not been good in recent seasons. They have a very young quarterback in Matt Jones, and no one is really around him helping him. There are really no play makers on the team. There is a good running back named Rhamondre Stevenson. . They still need to build their their line and get stronger receivers around to help build a team around him.  The Boston Bruins have always been in playoff contention and have never really just gotten over the hump. They won one in 2011. But  haven’t really gotten that close since.

In conclusion, Boston sports teams have been won the best cities to route four in the last 20 years and it seems like they are always winning in some sport it is cold ruff ‘n’ rural up in Boston in rains, quite a bit or snows. It gives them a certain advantages and the fans are in like nothing else. They have huge advantages that clearly helps them win, and it’s not cheating. Amazing weather and amazing fans is all fair and proves why they are winning the most winning cities in history.