Frank Ocean Dropping out of Coachella 2023, and More!

You may have heard about Frank Ocean’s Coachella drama, but do you know what actually happened? Read to find out what happened and more about Coachella 2023.


RJ Photos UK, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Frank Ocean when he was still performing regularly.

Coachella, one of the worlds famous music festivals, always brings multitudes of drama every year. Whether it’s the celebs, influencers, or the artists themselves, Coachella always makes for good stories. This year, a major topic is Frank Ocean dropping out. After he hadn’t performed in nearly six years, he was ready. He had a short set during Weekend one. He came out an hour late due to the deconstruction of the intended ice skating rink. Fans were mad at how he handled all of this, which was reported by Robb Report.

Blink-182, who took over for Frank Ocean, performing.
Blink-182, who took over for Frank Ocean, performing.

Ocean’s original idea, which was cancelled either due to an ankle injury that happened on festival grounds or the fact he simply changed his mind, nobody truly knows, was to have an ice skating rink. Variety reported 120 olympic level ice skaters, hockey players, and figure skaters were hired according to Variety.¬†They also reported only about a quarter of them actually ended up performing with Frank Ocean. They had only found out he had cancelled it hours prior to his performance. To replace the ice skating, he simply had them walk around him on stage while he sat down. Many fans are upset with him, saying his show was a rip off, he scammed them, and booing him while he’s onstage.

Based off past bad performances and attitudes given at Coachella, we can infer Coachella may not allow him back. They previously hadn’t gotten along with Kanye due to the fact he decided to do his Secret Service and not actually perform, while he was being demanding. This seems to be a pretty similar case to Kanye’s previous Coachella drama. As Frank Ocean had them build up a whole ice skating rink, just to be taken down shortly after it was built. After him doing all this, will he want to or be allowed to perform at Coachella again? Not to mention he didn’t even let Coachella live stream his performance, which everyone else does.

One of the bands you could catch at Coachella, $uicideboy$.

But don’t worry about his performance. as there are plenty more. Blink-182 ended up taking over his Weekend two place. Being the first time Tom DeLonge has played with the band in nine years. This was a good surprise to old and new emos alike.While Mark Hoppus played while he’s battling with cancer. Other than them playing there were many other artists. Starting off Friday April 14 and 21 with Bad Bunny headlining, along with Gorillaz, Metro Boomin, YUNGBLUD, and TV Girl, just to name a few. We kick off Saturday April 15 and 22 with BLACKPINK headlining, along with $uicideboy$,

Kid LAROI, Charli XCX, Remi Wolf, and Flo Milli to simply name a few. Sunday April 16 and 23 personally highlights one of my favorite artists, being A Boogie. They headline with Frank Ocean, which as we know was cancelled, so replaced with Blink-182, Dominic Fike, GloRilla, Rae Sremmurd, and Pi’erre Bourne.

Even with Frank Ocean cancelling his show, fans still have plenty of other artists they’ll be able to catch these three weekends, or if they were lucky got to possibly attend Revolve festival Weekend 1, which is another big party festival that brings plenty of drama each year. As of right now, we can only watch and listen along to see what is upcoming for the rest of this festival and what this brings for Frank Ocean.