The Super Mario Bros Movie

A look into The Super Mario Bros Movie!


ozzie sibley

Bowser playing “Peaches” on a keyboard.

The Super Mario Bros movie wasn’t the best critically but was famonimle with the audience reviews. With ratings like a 7.4/10 from IMDb and a 59% from rotten tomatoes, the audience review is a 97%. When seeing this in the theater twice people clapped both times and woo-ed at the end of the movie.

For those who don’t know, The Super Mario Bros is about two brothers, Mario and Luigi being sucked into an unknown world. Unfortunately the brothers are separated and now Mario must set out to find him. He learns quickly that he must help Princess Peach defeat Bowser while also trying to get his brother back.

The amiibo versions of some of the cast. They’re probably excited about their movie.

This movie is filled with references from the games such as in the beginning of the movie the “parkour” scene and with the Lumine. In the background you can see Yoshi’s, Toads, and Biddybuds. What’s also in the movie character wise is King Boo, King Bomb-Omb, Unagi the eel, and Shy Guys. There’s a lot more of course but your going to have too see the movie yourself to see for yourself. There’s even new put in things such as their personalities, you can see a whole other side to them. For example Bowser, we can see his love for Peach more as the story goes a long. Its especially easiest to tell this during his song “Peaches” that was made by his voice actor Jack Black.

On Google Reviews, lots of people seemed to love the movie. They would say how child them would love this or this brought their childhood back. Most of the audience says that they love the references to the older games and that they’re just a huge fan of the movie. As always there is always going to be haters of things or just people who don’t like the movie. The downs to this movie could be from “too childish” of a movie or Chris Pratt just being the voice actor. Just a few people to this few 2 stars and under think Princess Peach’s character isn’t very fitting and some think it felt like forced feminism written by men, then not really surprisingly very few think children are being forced to witness feminism.  Most people just don’t really like the casting for this movie and Seth Rogen’s laugh.

This movie is rated PG. It has mild violence and dark themes but it’s still a must see if your kids love Mario, or if your a Mario loving adult.