Sweet Sixteen Party Ended in Massacre

A freshly aged sixteen-year-old’s party ended in murder and tears.

Last Wednesday, in Dadeville, Alabama, there was a shooting turned massacre at a Sweet sixteen party that killed four and injured thirty-two. Police have arrested six suspects that are involved in the shooting and charged them all with reckless murder. Five of them have been detained in Tallapoosa County Jail without bond, with the exception of the anonymous suspect who is under the age of sixteen.

As always, a birthday cake is the staple of any parties such as these, despite how they end up.

According to News Channel 2, the party was a Sweet sixteen held for a girl named Alexis Dowdell. As any sixteen-year-old would be, she was nervous yet excited for her party. Little did she know, this would cause the death of her brother, Philstavious, also known as Phil, and many others.  She recalls before the party, talking to Phil to calm her nerves and the boy just told her to enjoy her party. Later, it was spreading throughout the venue that someone had a gun on their person. To combat this, the mother over the loudspeaker told whoever had the gun needed to leave. Later, all of a sudden, there were gunshots, and she was pushed to the ground by her brother, who protected her. Alexis would make it outside to meet with her mother, but Phil was nowhere to be seen. Later, he would be confirmed dead before the first responders could arrive, an unfortunate death.

The family and her did not recognize any of the suspects as they were not invited to the event. As seen on Fox News, Willie George Brown Jr., Johnny Brown, Tyreese “Ty Reik” McCullough, Travis McCullough, Wilson LaMar Hill Jr., and an anonymous 15-year-old were all arrested as of April 20th for reckless murder.

At massacres such as this, the main instigator to the deaths of many was gun violence.

They are all being held in Tallapoosa County Jail until trial, with the exception of the 15-year-old whose location is unknown to the public for privacy reasons.

Another depressing day at the courthouse, with 5 suspects ready to receive sentencing for murder.

The result of this party was horrific and untimely, four people becoming victims to the shooters wrath. The confirmed dead according to News Channel 2 is Marsiah Emmanuel Collins, Shaunkivia “Keke” Nicole Smith, Corbin Dahmontrey Holston, and of course, Philstavious “Phil” Dowdell. Along with 32 others being injured this is one of the already more than 160 mass shootings this year so far according to St. Louis Today. The day after the shooting, the town chose to come together and mourn the loss of their friends, family, and neighbors. It was an emotional time for them as anyone would expect another reminder to be kind in world during these trying times.