Lafayette Spotlight: Mallory Young


Meet Mallory Young! She is a English teacher at Lafayette and has been here for over 30 years!



Q–What do you do/teach here?

A– I am an English teacher who teaches English 9, Honors English 9, and Advanced World Literature.

Q–Why did you come to Lafayette High School and how many years have you been here?

A–I came to Lafayette in September 1988 after doing my student teaching here.  I have taught here for 35 years.

Q–What college did you go to?

A– I got my Bachelor of Arts degree from Randolph-Macon College, and my Master of Arts in Education from William and Mary.

Q–Why did you decide to teach?

A–I decided to teach because I enjoy discussing literature, exposing people to new ideas and old themes, and helping students express themselves coherently.  I enjoy seeing a student grasp a concept that they couldn’t earlier and see it open up a whole new viewpoint.

Q–What do you love about your job?

A–I love getting to know students on a personal level, supporting them when I can in all areas—academic, social, extra-curricular.  I don’t want to be their teacher for a year—I want to be their teacher for a lifetime.

Q–What are your hobbies?

A– Reading and traveling are my big hobbies right now.  As soon as I’m retired I’m going to delve into my genealogy and trace my roots back to where ever they came from.  I’m also hoping to pick up knitting again, too.

Q–Dogs or cats?

A– I am definitely a dog person—but I don’t have a dog at the moment.  I have 2 grand dogs, though.

Q– What is your favorite color?

A– My favorite color is purple.