A closer look at the start to the 2023 MLB season.


The official logo of the MLB. It was designed in 1968. It’s one of the most recognizable logos in the U.S.

The MLB is off to an exciting start this season! So far, approximately 20 games have been played. This season has come with many changes to the rulebook. These changes have made games much quicker and even higher scoring. According to USA Today, the three most important rules are likely that “the bases are a few inches bigger, managers are limited in where they position infielders, and a pitch clock will regulate time between the action”.

This is the stadium of the Washington Nationals. The Nationals are projected to be the worst team in baseball this season.

There have been some surprises as far as team records go. The rays are sitting at the top of the league. They only have 3 losses in 19 games. The rays division is likely the most talented in the league. Every team in the NL East has a record of at least .500. The other leaders of the American league are the Twins and the Rangers. All three of these teams finished in 3rd or worse in their divisions last year. It’s exciting to see these unlikely teams at the top of their divisions.

The National League has also been exciting. The three divisional leaders are the Brewers, Braves, and Diamondbacks. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Reds, Nationals, and Rockies are sitting at the bottom of their divisions.

All this being said, the season is new. These teams all still have a lot to play for. It is more than likely that things will change.

Pictured is the stadium of the Pittsburg Pirates. They are said to have one of the prettiest stadiums in the MLB.

An exciting team to spotlight this season is the Pittsburg Pirates. The pirates have the best record in the National League. They also have some young exciting talents. Oneil Cruz is the first that comes to mind. Cruz stands 6 foot 7 inches tall. He has one of the best arms in the league. He also has a lot of pop in his bat. He is a freak athlete and there are few flaws to his game. All this being said, according to Triblive, he recently broke his ankle in a game. He is out for about four months.

The Pirates desperately need others to step up. With the best record in the National League, it seems as though this is the case. This said, the Pirates have a really tough matchup on their hands. Their next series is one against the Dodgers. The Dodgers are currently second in the NL West.

This image shows CY Young award winner, Clayton Kershaw. He is one of the best pitchers in the history of baseball.

They have one of the most talented rosters in baseball. Mookie Betts is always exciting to watch. He mainly plays RF for the Dodgers. Recently, the Dodgers have been trying him at SS. This is very unusual. Although unusual, it’s a good way to use a player of his caliber. He has the ability to be a star at just about any position on the field. It should be exciting to see this series play out.