UVA Coach Terry Holland, Dead At 80

The loss of Terry Holland holds heavy hearts over the campus of The University of Virginia (Family).


Alyssa Nordeman

Zach is representing the game that Holland provided. Before his death, the competition was fierce and the game face was strong. Behind the intense atmosphere led by Terry, he was a warmhearted guy.

Basketball brings people together. The loss of Terry Holland had a big impact on UVA as they considered him Family, and still do. It’s a lot more than just a basketball.

After facing long years of the fight of Alzheimer’s, Terry passed Sunday, February 26th in Charlottesville, Virginia. Terry has been nonstop fighting this illness since 2019 and stuck with his team through all of his obstacles along the way.  Terry coached the Virginia men’s basketball team for 16 seasons from 1974 to 1990, leading the Cavaliers to two NCAA Final Four appearances in 1981 and 1984, the program’s first ACC Tournament Championship in 1976, an NIT title in 1980, three-straight ACC regular season titles from 1981-1983. Former Virginia Men’s Basketball Head Coach Terry Holland Dies at 80 (msn.com) .  Holland has held a hard record of 326-173, a record that stood for 33 years until Tony Bennett surpassed him earlier this season, which held since 1990.

Terry successfully embraced his team and recruited multiple consistent players known as Ralph Sampson, Wally Walker, Jeff Lamp, Bryant Stith, Jim Larrañaga, Jeff Jones, Dave Odom, Craig Littlepage, Seth Greenberg, and Mike Schuler. Former Virginia Men’s Basketball Head Coach Terry Holland Dies at 80 (msn.com Terry is gratefully remembered as a polite and pleasant man that influenced the University of Virginia every day.  Hollands past consisting of playing at Davidson

This Chain represents the loss of Terry. Not only that, but he would wear a chain resembling this one frequently. (Alyssa Nordeman)

really proves his strength and commitment to coaching basketball with not only knowing the game, but also loving the game. His image was always a positive view from his peers, wife, children, and grandchildren.


To hold that much success with coaching, you also have to hold a good talent in social media and streaming on tv. Holland did a very good job on reports, advertising and making sure the public was in the know on every ESPN clip shown. Holland was a member of the NCCA Basketball Committee chairing the panel in 1997. He served on the Senior National Team Committee of USA basketball from 1992 through 1996, and chaired the organization’s Collegiate Committee, which he has served on since 1997.Terry Holland, former Virginia men’s basketball coach dies at 80 (usatoday.com) He made everyone involved in these events with him feel safe and special. “He was a visionary, a positive coach,” former UVA team captain Bobby Stokes “He made it his mission to make it like a family. “Terry Holland, former Virginia men’s basketball coach dies at 80 (usatoday.com)  After fighting for the Cavaliers during 16 seasons, everyone gained such a positive view on Terry.  AP US news reports that, His family confirmed that he had even stopped taking his courtside seats over time of being diagnosed, which was very unlike Terry.

The University of Virginia teammates fighting for their victory against Virginia Tech. Terry trained and recruited very tall players for his team that end up going big places with big offers in the big league.

Not only was Terry successful at Davidson and University of Virginia but he led a great trademark at East Carolina University also. Throughout Terrys lifetime and career, he attended multiple reunions and celebrations to his teams work in the brackets. ““I’m no cutthroat, but I am damn competitive,” Holland said after he was hired by Virginia following five seasons as coach at Davidson, his alma matter. Terry Holland, who coached Virginia to two Final Fours, dies at 80 (msn.com) Leading Virginia to these great levels in basketball Terry’s face will always be remembered through UVA for his time and constant work. Terry graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics in 1964, which is what helped him with athletic directors’ positions at both Davidson and East Carolina. Terry Holland: success and service | Columnists | thedigitalcourier.com. Terry thrived most on his own, he was a very direct and stern Coach always on top of things and in the know. Terry never failed to meet his boys needs during a game, locker-room afterwards, practice or even off- time. Terry and Ralph Sampson are known together for Ralphs gradual success in Basketball. Holland signed with nation’s top-ranked high school basketball player, consisting of seven-foot-four-inches, who l

The environment the HOO’s provide is awesome. The games are entergetic and good vibes for both sides. Everyone loves a good UVA game.
after went on to become a three-time consensus collegiate national player-of-the-year as a Cavalier. Terry Holland, former Virginia men’s basketball coach dies at 80 (usatoday.com)

Wrapping up Terry’s lifetime as a trustworthy, consistent coach with big goals reached, Holland spent his last 6 months entered in the memory care center of the senior living community where he resided with his wife, Ann. Holland left his trademark of KNOWING the game considering his players came out with saying “It was very difficult to play for Coach Holland if you couldn’t think the game.” Terry Holland, former UVa basketball coach, dies at 80 (richmond.com)