Spring Break Ideas

Looking for ideas on how to spend your spring break? Look no farther! Click to see some ways to enjoy the break!

Traveling, shopping, and hitting the beach are just a few things that you can do over spring break. You’ll have a whole week to do whatever you want and you definitely do not want to waste a minute. There are plenty of things you can do, but follow along for some ideas if you aren’t sure what to do.

This is a look at Florida’s nice sand. Being in Florida can be a fun time to enjoy the beach and it’s great sand!

There are plenty of places you can travel including somewhere up north to get away from the heat or down south for even warmer weather. It is common to go to the Outer Banks for the week and enjoy the weather and beach. The UV index in the outer banks should be an average of 7, so you will be able to get a nice tan without being too hot. Personally, I plan to travel during the spring break week. I’ll be going down to St. Augustine, Florida to enjoy the warm weather for a week. Students have also mentioned going to beaches in Florida. The UV will be almost a 9 all week and it will be a lot hotter than the Outer Banks. Florida might not be the ideal place for a lot of people if you don’t want to sweat all week. Although, there will be a lot more things to do in Florida.

Pictured is only a small glimpse of Short Pump mall. You can see that it is a nice, outdoor mall. It will be nice to walk around at this mall.

If traveling isn’t your thing, you could always spend time shopping instead. Getting the summer shopping out of the way early will help save you some time in the future. You could buy things you need for the summer like sunscreen, or you could purchase things off your wish list like a cute top or a good pair of shorts. Places like the outlets or a big mall could be a fun day trip during the break. In Williamsburg, you could spend a day walking around the Williamsburg Premium Outlets, which lets you enjoy the nice weather and browse around the stores. The outlets just doesn’t have as many stores and there are no restaurants to stop at. Another idea is taking a short, 30 minute, drive up to Patrick Henry mall to see more stores. The mall has plenty of stores and nice food court to stop and enjoy. However, Patrick Henry is an indoor mall, so you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the weather. Another mall close to Williamsburg is Short Pump mall. That one is also an outdoor mall so you will be able to have both the nice weather and lots of stores. This mall has plenty of nice stores and also lots of restaurants with outdoor seating. Short Pump mall is a good option for shopping during the break and definitely could be a fun day trip to Richmond.

Featured is the Virginia Beach boardwalk. This is a look at one of the many places you can spend time over the break.

Another thing you can do over break is work on your tan and get outside! The weather will be warmer and the UV index will be higher. That combo makes for the perfect tanning weather. All you need is your swimsuit, some sunscreen, and a spot to lay in the sun. Just lay down your towel, hit shuffle on your summer playlist, and then tan! It’s so easy and such a fun idea to get your vitamin D. You can also go on a walk and be outside while also getting some exercise in. Enjoying the nice weather is definitely a must for the week.

A quick day trip to the beach is also a fun spring break activity. Williamsburg is close to many different beaches that you can go and enjoy. Spending the day at Jamestown beach in the sun will be a great way to spend some break days. You can also drive down to Virginia Beach for the day and enjoy that huge beach. Virginia Beach is perfect if you are looking for warm weather and water to relax in. So pack the car with food and friends and head down to the beach for a fun filled day of relaxation.

Enjoying the sunset is a fun activity with friends. It allows you to appreciate the sky and have a good time with your friends!

Spending time with friends is a great way to appreciate the time off. You can go grab brunch with the group and then just hang out. Another idea is to get a group together and have a fun spring photo shoot. You can take great photos to post online. Watching the sunset/sunrise with friends is also a great way to enjoy time outside with your friends. During school, it can be harder to hangout with your friends so spring break is the perfect time to enjoy your friends company without being distracted by school work.

There are plenty of other things you can do over the break, but whatever you do just have fun! You definitely do not want to waste the week off of school.