Horned Frogs Retrospective

The Horned Frogs end the season with a win, giving them a winning record for the season.

This is a Horned Frog and an opponent doing a jersey swap after a hard fought game.

At the end of the day, the Horned Frogs ended with a winning record. They put in a lot of hard work, and they played with so much heart. They put their heart and soul into every play. They left it all on the court every game. They worked together, played as a team, and lifted each other up during their bad games. There was never a dull moment in the Horned Frog’s Rec Basketball season.

The Horned frog’s team consisted of Clarke Canova, Henry Gemerek, Kai Moore, Daniel Lowery, Andrew Reese, Andrew Saunders, Asher Schoonmaker, Brady Kremer, Wesley Muse, and Jake Cantrell. They were lead by professional basketball coach, Paul Muse. Not only was he Wesley’s dad, but he was also the coach that led this fantastic team through a losing season. Their star player was Brady Kremer by a landslide. It wasn’t even a question. He averaged twelve points a game, which is more than Andrew Reese got all season. Reese struggled through the vast majority of the season. He averaged a quarter of a point through the first five game. He was easily the weakest link on the grizzly’s roster.

This is Jake Cantrell. He was one of the lead point scorer on the Horned Frogs.

They started off the season with a massive game against the Grizzlys. The team consisted of Owen the Shark, Jaxon Write, Hayden Olesksy, Josh Sims, Michael Gallagher, Mikey Bennet, Rocco Valenti, Tripp Hassell, Jack Malone. They were coached by Ryan Beiger. Their team truly was a train wreck. Clarke Canova described the team as “Gooey mosters that only like eating warm jello.”  This goes to show just how bad they really were.

During the game between the Grizzleys and the Horned Frogs, the game was started off with a layup from the all star Brady Kremer. It truly was the most beautiful layup I had ever seen. The Horned Frogs were predicted to lose by thirty two points, so when the half time buzzer blew, and the Horned Frogs realized they were winning by four, they were so exited.

This is a Horned Frog. It is the mascot of the rec basketball team.
Paul Muse was more exited than anyone on the team. His half time speech was extremely hype. Team was getting so loud and energetic. They were jumping up and down, shouting, and even throwing things. Paul then gave began his speech. He said, “Listen boys, this team, the Grizzleys, are a very good team. They are debatably the best team in the League. The fact that you guys are able to bhang with them, and even be winning at half, speaks volumes. You guys are playing with heart. you guys are playing with passion. you guys are working as a team. And it is showing. You all are winning six to two at half.” After those words were said, the boys on the Horned Frogs erupted.   Mr. Adcock said they were   jumping up and down again, shouting, an throwing water everywhere. It was crazy.

This is Dick Oneil. He played for TCU. Their are the Horned Frogs, and the Horned Frogs rec team looks up to them. (Rik Cropley)
The buzzer buzzed and the second half began. It began with a quick three from Mikey Bennet to make the game 6-4. The Grizzleys gained momentum. The game continued in the Grizzley’s favor. By the end of the game, the scoreboard read Grizzleys-20, Horned Frogs-15. It was a hard fought game on both sides, but in the end, the Grizzleys came away with the three points. The Horned Frogs locker room after the game was pin drop silent. All the players were exhausted and depressed. They had just lost their first game.

They had hoped to start the season off on a positive note, but they were unable to achieve this goal. When Paul Muse walked into the locker room, they all felt like disappointments. They had let him down. They were winning at half time, but couldn’t maintain that status, and ended up losing the whole game. Paul Muse was disappointed in his players. In the locker room, he said “boys, I know it was a tuff game. I also know how hard you boys fought this game. You worked your butt off, and played with a lot of heart. We obviously didn’t get the result we were looking for, but in the end, I’m not even too mad. Considering it was only our first game, you boys played better than I expected. I am proud of you guys.” The boys were happy to end on that high note, and they were eager to get a win in their next game against the Falcons.