Michigan State University Shooting

Unexpected attack on the unarmed Spartans.


Photographer: Eva Fields

These three MSU student shooting victims were taken so unexpectedly; they all saw their last sunsets and had no idea.

Students all over the country mourn the increasing victims of school shootings and worry about their safety at school.

On February 13, 2023, a mass shooting took place in two buildings on the Michigan State University campus, according to Wikipedia. The suspect left three dead and five injured before fatally shooting himself.  Tuesday morning, the five injured students are hospitalized in critical condition. MLive says as of Friday, March 3, three of the five students had been released from the hospital while two remain hospitalized.

Students spend countless hours touring schools to determine where they want to continue their education, but these victims final decisions were cut short.

NPR writes that the gunman is known as 43-year-old, Anthony Dwayne McRae. He was later found dead off the campus in East Lansing, Michigan, due to the self-inflicted gunshot, post attack. He was believed to have been acting alone and had no connection with the University, according to Rozman. McRae fled the scene by foot and roughly three hours later, police locate him, thanks to tips from a local. It looks as if Mcrae shot himself after being confronted by law enforcement.

According to CNN, On Tuesday morning, Ewing police confirm that investigators located a note in McRae’s pocket which posed a threat to two Ewing public schools and New Jersey schools. The note also stated that there were “20 of him” referring to those who will carry out shootings. Since the death of McRae, police have determined there in no more threat toward New Jersey. According to Ewing police, McRae had ties to the township, about 670 miles southeast of East Lansing by car. The shooting took place around 8:18 p.m., Monday night in the home to the College of Social Science, called Berkey Hall.  When officers responded, they found two already dead at the scene. Another shooting then takes place next door, at the MSU student union building.

During the active shooting, MSU students were put into a campus stay-put advising them to find a safe place to hide.

One student is killed at this location, says Rozman. During business hours, both Berkey Hall and the student union building are open to the public, state Local Police. “Hundreds of officers responded to the incident,” police say. On Tuesday, police confirm that all shooting victims were MSU students. Previously, McRae was charged with illegal concealed carry of a weapon, which would have prevented him from purchasing a gun. The felony case never went on trial, instead he was allowed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor for the possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle. Following, McRae spent a year and a half on probation. It may also be brought to the attention that this probation was extended multiple times. In 2021, McRae purchased two firearms, but it is unknown if either of them was used in the ambush. McRae lived with his father in Lansing, in which they received a search warrant to investigate. It is not yet known what was found at the home, but the father has input on his son. Michael McRae explains to CNN, “Ever since my wife died, my son began to change.” “He was getting more and more bitter. Angry and bitter. So angry. Evil angry … He began to really let himself go. His teeth were falling out. He stopped cutting his hair. He looked like a wolf man.” Since his mother passed two years ago, “didn’t care about anything no more,” says Michael.

For weeks, people have been leaving flowers on the MSU campus in memorial of those lost in the tragic shooting. MSN writes that thousands of flowers have been gathered by the community at multiple memorials around campus.

The University has a plan to preserve all of the flowers as a special memorial for many years to come.  The students that lost their lives in the ambush were 20-year-old Brian Fraser, 20-year-old Alexandria Verner, and 19-year-old Arielle Anderson. MSN shares John Hao was one of the five students who was injured in the shooting. He was shot in the back, which severed his spinal cord and critically injured his lungs. This event leaves him paralyzed from the chest down. Guadalupe Huapilla-Perez, MSU junior, remains hospitalized as she was shot twice and five of her organs were affected by the bullets.

Friends and fellow students show their love and support by leaving small gifts and flowers around campus in memory of the victims.

Her spleen has since been removed and her lungs, colon, stomach and diaphragm were all damaged. According to her family, Guadalupe is able to get around with a walker, but she faces emotional damage since the shooting. Both students have active GoFundMe’s. MSU officials recently announced the Spartan’s Strong Fund, which has raised thousands of dollars that will be put toward funeral costs, hospital bills, mental health programs and increased security measures on campus.