What is April Fools?

In just a few weeks, April 1st will be here, and the pranks will begin.


This prank is a prank with an individuals car. They used posted notes to attach the the car

This is a classic prank people tend to do on April Fool’s Day. This person wrapped the car in a saran wrap to ensure the individual won’t be able to come inside.

What is April fools? April fool’s day in most countries is the first day in April. It received its name from the custom of playing practical jokes on this day. For example, playing a prank on a classmate by saying their shoes untied or sending them on some wild April fools’ errands. Although this day has been popular for centuries, it has never been revealed as to why it is such a popular holiday or where it has been originated. April Fool’s Day isn’t popular everywhere. However, it is very well known in the United States and lots of Americans take place in the traditions for this day.

This demonstrates a food prank. When people do covering food pranks this is a very secretive prank.

People across the United States range from extreme pranks to not so extreme. Some Americans take this holiday to its wits ends however in my household we don’t celebrate this day strongly. In my family, we make smaller jokes some years there more believable than others. Some People on the other hand are super extreme with it. Some people resort to unappetizing food recipes. For example, one I have witnessed is a Brussel sprout cake pop. Typically, these types of jokes are the laid back and less extreme. But they are very believable. I have also seen plastic insects or fake insects being used in the misc. of a prank. Some people have big phobias of bugs or animals, so the typical prankers use these types of jokes.

In the streets of a neighborhood, someone pranked a person with a chair on top of the car.

Pranks can get so extreme to the fact that you have to spend a decent amount of spending’s to make it believable or come up with a plan with no remorse. It has been recorded from Buzzfeed.com that there have been some unforgivable pranks that have occurred over the past years. For example, someone sent in their prank about gum. You would never expect someone to switch out their gum to something not fond tasting however this person managed to prove their coworkers wrong. The person in the BuzzFeed post decided to replace the gum in the orbit packets with something a little saltier like playdough. This Individual didn’t just stop there, but every time the other coworkers asked for more pieces of gum the person conducting the prank acted as if nothing was wrong with the gum and it wasn’t playdough.

Someone decided to prank a person by putting their bike in the trees by there apartment.

Another extreme prank presented on Buzzfeed was a very messy one. This pranker decided to put baby powder in their friend’s hairdryer. As cruel as you may find this prank especially given the fact that it was early in the morning, this is a prank that is beyond extreme and is a messier prank too. Lastly, you can leave a more haunting touch to April Fool’s Day. Many people tend to take the more ghostly approach. By leaving messages or haunting effects on people this is a more realistic tac, and scary as well. Stated on Buzzfeed, one pranker decided to write red bloody messages on the floor in their house for the victim to see. Personally, I find this prank scarier than other pranks I have seen on this website.

April Fools doesn’t always have to be taken to the highest extent. A lighter approach can be taken, much less extreme. This day doesn’t have a true meaning but can always be exciting and fun. Personally, I don’t partake in April fools’ activities but I know many people who decide to have fun on this holiday.