Freshman Phenom Faces Controversy Amid Shooting Allegations

Alabama’s Brandon Miller has been accused of supplying former teammate Darius Miles with firearm that led to fatal shooting.


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Alabama forward Brandon Miller is among the top freshman in the country, averaging just under 20 points and 8 rebounds per game while shooting 42% from three.

Nate Oats continues his tenure at Alabama, now in his fourth year as the head coach. He hopes to lead his team to a National Championship. (SneakinDeacon)
The Crimson Tide of Alabama University are in the midst of possibly the most successful men’s basketball season in the history of the program. Head Coach Nate Oats has led the team to a record of twenty-six wins and four losses, while also featuring a conference best sixteen and two record in the SEC.

The team has been described as being “Noah’s Ark,” alluding to the fact that they have two of everything. In Tuscaloosa, those in crimson are known for stifling defense and lights out shooting from the perimeter, while also performing well in all other parts of the game. The team has received respectable contributions from multiple members of the team. The lights out shooting and poised demeanor of seasoned guard Mark Sears has been essential to their success. The maturity of freshman point guard Jaden Bradley has been admirable, as well as the production of forwards Charles Bediyako, and Noah Clowney. The Tide have a deep bench to complement their star-studded starting five as well. The focal point of the team, however, has undoubtedly been freshman forward Brandon Miller. The six-foot-nine phenom from Nashville, Tennessee is leading all freshmen in scoring, putting up just over nineteen-and-a-half points per game per Add to that eight rebounds, and ultra-efficient shooting percentages, and you’ve got yourself a top five prospect in the upcoming NBA Draft.

One of the most recognizable programs in the country, Alabama has been a picture of excellence for decades. (University of Alabama)
Despite the success of the Tide, and the impressive play of Miller, some allegations have recently risen concerning Miller and former teammate Darius Miles. Earlier this year, on January 15, to be exact, Alabama forward (at the time) Darius Miller, along with Michael Lynn Davis were charged with capital murder of a twenty-three-year-old mother on the Strip in Tuscaloosa. Family members of victim Jamea Harris say that Davis shot her when she declined him flirting with her per Eventually, Miles admitted to providing Davis with the firearm directly before the shooting occurred. Miles was immediately dismissed from the team. Upon further investigation, Miller’s name began to surface in testimonies given by witnesses. Although details are fairly vague, Miller was accused of supplying Miles with the gun after reports came out claiming that Miles had texted Miller asking for it. Other reports say that Miles and Davis were in Miller’s car prior to the shooting, contradicting the claim that Miller provided the firearm. Miller’s attorney disputes the claim that he provided the gun, asserting that he had no knowledge that a gun was in his car, not to mention that he was unaware of the illegal activity that would ensue ( Accusers also claim that Miller parked his car in a manner that blocked Harris from escaping to which Miller’s attorney disputes as well. This controversy has plagued the Tuscaloosa ball club, as many analysts, coaches, and critics have openly rebuked not only Miller, but also the university’s decision to play him in the midst of such serious allegations.

The Tide go into the NCAA Tournament as one of the four number one seeds, while still playing for the overall one seed in the tournament. (Bama in ATL)
Outside the lines, Alabama’s season has not been ideal. The team has been booed and mocked at every gym they step into. Somehow, the Tide have stayed focused, and like blinders on a horse block out everything but the finish line, they have been able to stay together, and block out the noise surrounding them. Miller has continued to lead Alabama to a regular season SEC title, while simultaneously winning freshman of the year, and player of the year in the same season. Nate Oats continues to coach his way to a coach of the year award, and the supporting cast has collected some hardware as well. Jaden Bradley and Noah Clowney headline the all-freshman team with Brandon Miller, and Jahvon Quinerly has taken home the sixth man of the year award as the best player on the best bench in the country. Veteran guard Mark Sears was named to second team all-SEC and continues to work wonders on the hardwood. Yes, this team has made some mistakes. Yes, they have been in the limelight for the entire season. And yes, they are the most controversial program possibly in all of sports right now. One thing that we should not overlook, under any circumstances, however, is the remarkable play this team has been able to manage amidst unimaginable scrutiny. No matter how you feel about the situation at hand, it is admirable to see a group of young men rally around and support each other the way they have while also managing remarkable difficulty.