Horned Frogs Season Recap

Hometown Boys Win the NBA Championship….in Our Hearts!

In this season’s riveting quarter path recreation center basketball season, the Horned Frogs formed a STACKED lineup. In one instance, Danny Lowery was seen at the free throw line with one point to win the game, and he lines up for a granny shot as the team screams “NOOOO” he shoots it right over the backboard.

The team consists of standout center Brady Kramer, and other big man Asher Schoonmaker. Coached by Mr. Muse, who brought in multiple good players including Shooter Wesley Muse, 3-point machine Kai Moore, first year player Henry Gemerek, defensive masterclass Clarke Canova, seasoned veteran Jake Cantrell, team morale manager Andrew Saunders, the consistent Lowery, bet maker Andrew Reese among others.

Veteran, Jake Cantrell arguing with the referees at a tight game against the Falcons. (Clarke Canova)

Williamsburg was fired up about this new up and coming group of youngsters. The pressure was on for Coach Muse and the Horned Frogs to deliver, and they did.

Their season opener against their rivals the “Grizzlies” would be a great opportunity to show their talents. They came in as underdogs and went out as underdogs, as they were up 6 points at halftime, seemingly controlling the game, they came in the second half “flat footed and weak” said Coach Muse at his post-game press conference.

Shooting guard Wesley Muse pictured here moments before disaster against a crushing defeat to the grizzlies. (Clarke Canova)

The Horned Frogs would go on to go down by 5 and not score the entire second half. What some were saying the game of the season was, the Horned Frogs had disappointed. Coach Muse immediately scheduled a practice the following week to get the boys in shape to ensure the team’s success. Feeling the pressure, Coach Muse received negative social uproar, and worked tirelessly through the night drawing up plays at the cost of his marriage and love life. As Mrs. Muse grew angry because of her husband’s long hours dedicated to the team, Coach Muse grew increasingly confident in his team’s skills. Strong three-point shooter, Canova called Coach Muse on the night before the Horned Frogs second game against the Falcons to inform him that he is back from the Outer Banks and ready to get to work. Coach Muse was ecstatic by this information because he knew Canova would be a strong asset for the Horned Frogs.


January 18th, THE game. Canova lit up the court as soon as his shoe touched the court, he felt electricity fill his body and fire light up his heart, it was safe to say he was ready to play some ball. With the Horned Frogs feeling this new energy that Canova brought, big man Brady Kramer started having great link up play with slows as molasses Lowery as they were draining mid-range after mid-range. Kramer kept driving in the paint like Henry Ruggs. On one particular play Lowery had the ball at the top of the circle, as he drove in, he spotted Canova at the corner of the court, he threw him a beauty of a pass and Canova dribbled in around mid-range and splashed a nice-looking jump shot. Coach Muse was right about his new signing, Canova, who helped out the team offensively and defensively in a 34-21-point win. In a post-game interview Canova was asked about his performance in which he responded “Yeah, I was really happy to be back with the boys I really felt the chemistry tonight especially with me and Danny at the end there but yeah if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go celebrate with the boys, LETS GO HORNED FROGS”.

Canova’s stats after a HELL of a performance on his game of the year. (Clarke Canova)

With a brighter future, Coach Muse received a more welcoming tone of feedback from the fans, even receiving a yogurt covered hard-boiled egg on top of a toaster strudel on his front doorstep the very next morning. Coach Muse’s life was back, even rekindling his marriage. He felt better about life and beat his inner demons. “It was all thanks to these wonderful boys and the team, but we’re not done yet”.

The Horned Frogs would go on to not win another game, but Canova did everything he could to help the team succeed, even dropping 4 points one game off of a floater and a lovely put back to cap off his 15-point season. Among the players to win awards at the end of the season, Kramer won the Bubble MVP player of the year award with over 70 points for the season and Canova won the most improved player of the year award.

The Horned Frogs looking proud after a very disappointing season. (Clarke Canova)

All signs indicate Coach Muse, and his wife were happy again after a week after the season closing loss and as of now, he is still looking for a coaching job somewhere in college or the NBA. It is safe to say the Horned Frogs will be back, and they WILL NOT disappoint next season.