Selena Gomez vs. Nepo Babies

Is Hailey Bieber obsessed with her husband’s ex-girlfriend?

Hailey Bieber being insecure about her husband’s ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, and bringing it to the internet is probably the biggest drama since Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

Who exactly is Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber? Selena Marie Gomez has created her own name for herself, many people know her from her starring role as Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place and Ramona in Ramona and Beezus, but she is also a singer who has multiple top hits like Who Says and Love You Like a Love Song. Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber daughter of the famous actor Stephen Baldwin had her name known from the beginning as she was a nepo baby. She did get her name started as a model and soon got her name worldwide once married to Justin Bieber.

Justin and Selena at the AMA’s 2011 red carpet.

Both of these celebrities are successful as they both have millions of followers on their social medias but, they also have their own makeup lines. Hailey has a line called Rhode which features different skin products like moisturizer, serum, lip treatments, etc. Selene has a line called Rare Beauty which feature different makeup products like foundation, concealer, blush, highlight, lip products, etc.


Jill shopping for a new blush on Selena Gomez’s makeup line, Rare Beauty. (Janet Ji)

So how exactly did the feud begin? It all started when Selena Gomez posted a video on TikTok joking about how she accidentally laminated her eyebrows too much. Just a couple hours later, Hailey and one of her best friends (also nepo baby) Kylie Jenner took to Instagram and posted on their stories a picture of them with their eyebrows up to the camera. Fans instantly speculated that this was shading Selena Gomez and making fun of her. Both Hailey and Kylie denied these rumors, but everything was too close for it to be something else. Following the next couple of hours, Selena reportedly commented on a video referencing the drama saying, “I love you.” A lot of past circumstances came floating up on the internet for Hailey Bieber following Instagram story. People brought up old videos and pictures of Hailey, one of her holding a magazine of Selena and Justin as the cover when they were dating, others being a video of Hailey miming a gag when Taylor Swifts name was mentioned. Selena instantly went to defend her longtime friend and commented that she is one of the bests. Selena decided she wanted a break from social media as she was tired of this drama all over the internet. Hailey then posted something on her story to the song “Calm Down” by Rema but the version without Selena Gomez. Obviously, people saw this, and more rumors speculated.

Hailey and her dad Stephen Baldwin at the Movieguide Awards in 2009.
Jaxon Wright reminiscing on Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s once happy relationship. He is team Jelena. (Janet Ji)

This drama got people digging for more information. Earlier this year a video of Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and Justine Skye lip syncing to a song which said “I’m not saying she deserves it, but God’s timing is always right” was posted during the time Selena was getting body shammed on social media. In addition, people found old videos like an old interview with Justin which asked what his inspiration when writing songs were and he replied with “probably my ex-girlfriend”. Other people went to find pictures that was being compared between Hailey and Selena. They found outfits that Selena once wore and then Hailey wearing something identical on multiple occasions. People have come to conclusion that Hailey Bieber is obsessed with Selena Gomez and essentially keeping tabs on her.

Fans have theorized that Hailey has been jealous of Selena since the beginning of her relationship with Justin. In fact, in 2019 Justin made an Instagram post essentially stating that Jelena (Justin and Selena’s ship name) fans have to move on, and he is with Hailey. Selena has showed that she is over the drama

Liam shocked while watching and reading about the Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez drama. (Janet Ji)

and wants nothing to do with Hailey as she stated in a live saying she is 30 and she is too old for this. Fans have been getting a kick out of the drama, a lot of them have taken it to TikTok where there have been videos talking about what celebrities unfollowed Hailey Bieber following the drama, others posting about which celebs they think are Team Selena vs. Team Hailey.

This drama has been all over the internet and probably won’t go away anytime soon. Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner has already lost millions of followers on Instagram while Selena Gomez has gained more. Although Selena didn’t have someone to give her a name in society, it looks like Selena is the one winning here and Hailey better keep an eye out for Selene.