Top 10 Pixar Movies

Which are the 10 best created Pixar movies? Read on to find out!

There are hundreds of characters that exist in the Pixar world (Hayden )

Pixles are magical, but when turned into a movie they are Pixar. Today we are looking at the best of the best, the top 10 Pixar movies and what they are about.



A story about a school band teacher who is tragically killed right when his life is turning around for the better. The movie really tells a story about a depressed man who lost his dream about playing jazz. He gets killed and goes on a journey through the afterlife of how he lived life without SOUL. He is helped by a being named 22 where it does not want to be born to live. As the band teacher named Joe is learning to live with love, 22 is learning how great life is. When given a second chance at life once more Joe comes back as a cat and 22 takes Joe’s body. Joe teaches 22 all the great things about life as 22 shoes Joe how good his life can be. Once Joe gets his body back he takes advantage of it and proves that we all can walk out of the door and enjoy life without needing to accomplish or prove anything.



A boy named Miguel who’s family has banned music from their lives because of their families past has chose to be the spark of music once more. He believes a famous musician named  Ernesto de la Cruz is his grandfather. He decided to take Ernesto’s guitar and once he plays it on the Day of The Dead he gets sent to the Land of The Dead and meets all his dead relatives. He then is on a journey to get back to the living with his families blessing, but Miguel first wants to meet his Great Great Grandfather. On this journey he gets help from a man named Hector who in the end turns out to be his Great Great Grandfather and he was killed by Ernesto and his music was stolen. Miguel gets his blessing and brings music back into his families lives. The movie shows the importance of family and how remembering each other keeps them living even after they’re gone.

You can see people watching Pixar movies everywhere (Hayden Oleksy)

8.Cars 2

After winning the piston cup and getting his name spreader around the world, lightening McQueen gets invited to race in the World Grand Prix. The movie has two stories going on at once with Finn McMissile on his spy mission where he runs into Mater and recruits him. With a new fuel introduced into the world called Allinol by Miles Axlerod’s. McQueen’s main competitor Francesco Bernoulli is known for his amazing career and winning multiple Grand Prix’s. Miles in the end is found to be evil and has been killing racers by using Allinol as the key part of his plan to turn the world against alternative energy and have cars rely on gasoline due to him and his lemon henchmen owning the largest untapped oil reserves in the world. The movie ends with McQueen winning the race and Mator proving himself as a spy and solving the mystery. The end is a reembarking of the best friends showing that Mator and McQueen need each other.


A rat named Remy who’s family is over 300 has caused them to leave their home because of his love for cooking. He ends up in Paris where he meets a boy named Linguini where Remy teaches him how to cook by controlling him through his hair nerves. When by accident Remy sends a meal out for people to eat, it comes back with an amazing review. Linguini is found to be the famous chef named Mustafa(the past owner of the restaurant). The restaurants ratings have been going down, but when a famous critic named Ego comes to rate the restaurant; Remy is put to the test. The ending is showing that even the most disgusting of creatures can create the most beautiful of things.


After the worlds ending and no nature and people are left on the planet, a robot named Wall-E. With a littered world and meets a probe robot named EVE. With over the last 700 years Wall-E has generated feelings and has created a crush for EVE and follows her onto a space ship. He then finds where humans have been all these years where they are all obese and lazy. The ending is the solution of the worlds problem where Wall-E and EVE convince the Humans to beat the evil AI and come back to Earth where Wall-E had found a plant to have a restart for the world.

Pixar is ubiquitous (Hayden Oleksy)


Carl Fredricksen as a child found a girl Ellie who had become his best friend and they began hanging out telling each other stories of adventures. They fell in love and married each other then renovate the house of their dreams. When Ellie dies Carl gives up on his dream to go on an adventure, but when his house is about to be taken by gerrymandering he decides to put 20,622 balloons on his house and the house flew into the hair. Without Carl knowing a little boy scout named Russel has joined him on his journey. They end up in South America where they find a golden retriever who can talk named Dug and a rare bird named Kevin. When all things seem to be going good when Carl meets his hero Charles Muntz. He invites carl to dinner before almost killing him to find Kevin for his collection. While on Charles blimp, Carl and Russel fight for their lives against Charles where he ends up falling to his death and Carl has to let his house go. In the end Carl and Russel become close and live together and Russel gets his Scout award.



4.Monsters Inc

A world where monsters rule the world and get electrical power through scaring children. A business named Monsters Incorporated is the largest scare factory in the monster world. When scarer Sully and best friend/co-worker Mike Wazowski are tasked with scaring a certain child. In the door they are given a little girl named Boo follows them back to the monster world. While everything seems to go into chaos, Sully learns that Boo is a sweet and gentle creature. Sully now wanting to keep the girl gets in trouble by his boss and gets trapped in the human world in the Alps. In a happy ending Sully reunites with mike and Boo and defeat evil Randell and  Mr. Waternoose who try to get rid of the girl permanently. They rebuild Boo’s door and send her home. Now using the skill of laughter over scaring to gain power.


When a father named Marlin has his kids get attacked by a baracudo and loses his wife and all his kids but one(Nemo). Marlin is very fearful of the sea for Nemo. But when he loses Nemo to a scuba diver Marlin makes a friend named Dory and they go across the sea to find him. Making it past blood thirsty sharks, swarms of jellyfish, hungry seagulls, thousands of miles, and humongous whales to reach his son. When in the end Nemo gets help from his new friends in his fish tank to make it back to the water where he finds his dad.

Pixar private jet represents the magic of what Pixar brings to the fans of the world as it takes off. (Hayden Oleksy)

2.Toy Story

Toys secretly are alive! When humans leave the room the toys come out to play. In a house where a young boy named Andy his favorite Woody, they have great adventures every day. Woody sees that Andy gets a new toy named Buzz lightyear for his birthday and learns his position as Andy’s favorite toy jeopardized.  The toy Buzz thinks he’s a real spaceman on a mission to return to his home planet and Woody is trying to convince him that he just a toy. When Andy’s family moves to a new house, Woody and Buzz must escape their new evil neighbor Sid Phillips and return back with their Andy.


A world where cars rule the world a young hotshot Lightening McQueen is in his rookie season in the NASCAR league. When ending his final race in a 3 way tie, McQueen must travel to a tiebreaker race for winning the piston Cup. While on his way Lightening gets stranded in a little town called Radiator Springs where he meets an old racer named Hudson. Hudson teaches Lightening unique skills that will be his racing capability. When making new friends and a best friend Mator, McQueen goes off to his race and near the end Chick(a cheating racer) almost kills a legend racer The King. Right before McQueen is right about to win, Lightening doesn’t want The King’s career to end the same way as Doc’s. Lightning turns back and drives to push The King over the line so he can finish his last race, allowing Chick to win the race and the Piston Cup.

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