Philly Fans

Governor Tom Wolf from Harrisburg, PA,

CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Governor Tom Wolf from Harrisburg, PA,

this was the eagles fan scrounging the streets after the supper bowl win back in 2017. this cause the fans to go crazy over the first superbowl win

I picked this topic because I’m a fit fan. I’m a strong leaver that the Philly fans are not crazy, but just trying to watch and support their team. He was had a very good year in the Super Bowl last day at six and three all the way up and up fallen short of the Kansas City Chiefs by 3. before the game, some of the Philly fans decided that they wanted to flip a car in Philly now this was uncalled for but also the person who own the car so they were allowed to as they rushed the streets to flip the car after after after all this happened it’s rules happening in two more hours as Eagles fans were crowded around

This was the eagles this year after they made the super bowl and won the nfc championship they were in a role and so were the fans (chase )

the stadium ready for the game illusions are three energetics as they like to pregame or tailgate seven hours before the game to watch their team take on another team. I would not call them crazy I would just call them really good fans  some of the Eagles players love the fans does it bring energy is Taraji other teams as it’s hard to hear hard to focus while on a football field.


   after the game egocentric losing in Philly fans were very upset cause they’re planning to Russia treats of Philly, climbing paws and having fun. All or almost every Philly fan loves the Phillies.And the Phillies ended up losing in the World Series this year as well. Tough loss for Philly, but coming back looking for the Eagles to take the win in the Super Bowl was very big and when they lost Phillies fans we’re not happy.if you get other fan bases like the Cowboys, there’s nowhere close to synergetic or cheering as the Eagles fan base as they’ve been with the team since day one. She sounds were upset that they signed. Jalen hurts when I had Carson Wentz I don’t have been longer than every Fhilly and admitted it. The Eagles are also big fan of Shakira receiver Devante Smith in first year receiver AJ Brown, as I got him from the Titans and every Eagles fan was excited while watching the TV as a solar team traded Friend this is really the final piece of that he was needed verbal make the Super Bowl no the Eagles are on a rampage and are looking to do the same thing. Next year. The Philly fans are ready to go out to the game and watch 13 dominate and take on every team they faceequals were also on a 10 oh run as everyone thought they might go undefeated on the year ended up falling short to the Washington commanders. This with Jalen hurts getting hurt after and every Philly fan was upset and then losing two more games with a back up quarterback.