Foreign Chinese Spy Balloon crosses U.S. Borders

Analysis of the aftermath.


U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Tyler Thompson, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Chinese spy balloon being retrieved in the ocean off the South Carolina Coast.

For the past couple of years or so the world has been notified of alarming actions taken place around the world at the time of the new year. From covid, widely known people and their passings to the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine. Now glooming over the fresh 2023 calendar year is an arising trait from the Chinese government claiming to have “rogue balloons” drifting around sensitive air and space borders of advanced countries. According to CBS NEWS, recently on January 28th a noticeably large “Weather balloon” was rounding the corner and entering onto American air space near Alaska before transitioning onto a path through Canada headed onto the United States mainland.

The Balloon made a very specific course as shown here, from Starting in mainland China all the way through U.S. Territory before being shot down in the Carolina’s.


Days past just barely into February before America does what it does best and notices the unusual movement and more importantly, speed of the “made in China” balloon heading towards east coast. CBS NEWS also explains that officials in the department of Defense made the call to shoot down the balloon on February 4th with a fighter jet just off the coast of South Carolina. Experts, FBI and forensic scientists came into the area of the effected torn balloon to operate on its full recovery out of the Atlantic Ocean to collect data on its matter of purpose to handle the task at hand of realizing a notice to tell media as well as the fellow common American man what exactly is going on. The apparent size of the invading object was compared to the height of the statue of liberty, but filled with pod equipment, which is high tech equipment used for the purpose of collecting data of satellites information as well as communication frequencies and signals. They also observed lots of antennas used for “geo locating” communications, a serious threat if probable to conclude was used negatively by the Chinese, which shows as it moved all the way across our country before shot down. An additional notice on the floating threat was a presence of propellers and motors, concluding the known ability for the Chinese to be able to remotely maneuver the balloon, proving the point it did not simply “drift” onto American airspace.

No one could quite tell what size this Balloon was until it was shot down, now known as being compared to the size of our very own statue of Liberty.

After the 4th of February, CBS NEWS states again that investigations continued to calculate the weight of the balloon, which came out to be a couple thousand pounds, according to the North American Aerospace Defense command and U.S. Northern command. When the balloon made impact on the water, the debris eventually made an area of 7 miles as well as being in 47 feet deep, which is relatively small compared to the rest of the Ocean. Once all collected out of the water, FBI rinsed and cleaned the whole Balloon with salt water before they themselves forensically examined it. Shown then were more details within the balloon, wires and other electronic components however no explosives were found on the balloon. On top of all of this, other recent sightings and shot downs of unidentified flying objects were seen around Alaska, focusing the move off the balloon and onto the more recent matters. Research, military as well as the media has done all they can to inform the Americans what has really gone on with this mysterious happening with the Chinese spy balloon.