Eagles fall to Chiefs in Tough Super Bowl loss

Super Bowl 57 . The home of the Arizona cardinals and the 3rd Super Bowl hosted here in the last 12 yrs.

It was 7 to 7in the first quarter and the Chiefs were keeping it close until the second where the Eagles took a 10 point lead 24 to 14 Jalen hurts, came out with an electric start, and was running all over the field and throwing the ball deep everywhere and just being very consistent where he was throwing the ball. Kansas City came out strong in the third quarter scoring a touchdown while the Eagles only scored three points.

The Chiefs came out really strong in the fourth quarter scoring 17 and Patrick Mahomes lightning of the field running all over the Eagles and throwing elite passes everywhere he went. Mahomes ended up getting a 25 yard run with two minutes left of the Super Bowl to get the Chiefs in field-goal range and then they ran down the clock so the Eagles cannot get the ball back and kick the field goal to win the Super Bowl. Patrick Mahomes just won his second Super Bowl and second MVP in a matter of five years of starting at  quarterback? He is redefining the position. He has had so much success at such an early start. If he can keep it up. he can be competing with Tom Brady as one of the greatest ever. He still has a long way to go, but he is already up there. There’s only four quarterbacks in NFL history who have won a Super Bowl and two MVPs.

NFL Super Bowl 57
NFL putting the logo on the field. fans getting to see the field before it gets play.

What Patrick Mahomes has done in his five years of playing in the NFL as a starting quarterback, he has set records like no other and has more passing yards touchdowns, and many more records, for how young years and on pace to blow the all-time records of the water. just winning your second Super Bowl at 27 years old is remarkable on his own, and hopes to keep up the success. he has done it like no other, and has done crazy things for his age, and really making a statement for his name to go down in the history books. He is also on pace to be the richest NFL player in NFL history is another contract like he did.

Jalen hurts and Patrick Mahomes were the youngest duo of quarterbacks to play in the Super Bowl ever Jalen hurts is only 23 and Patrick Mahomes is only 27. They are super young and have super long careers ahead of them. Jalen hurts first year wasn’t so successful in the league, getting bounced out by Tom Brady in the first round as a rookie but his second year he just made it to the Super Bowl and looks to continue his success.