Round of 16 World Cup arrived on the 3rd, results are shocking

Every team representing their country dreams of lifting that golden trophy, yet only 1 can remain victorious.


Ronny Przysucha

This world cup was never boring as the beginnings of the tournament were showcased with this scenery in Doha Qatar.

If you haven’t been tuning into the world cup, now would be the time as the official round of 16 at the Qatar 2022 world cup begins on December 3rd. And for the record, nobody was expecting this outcome. Now, all matches will have been played by the 2nd which concretes the match table for the knockouts. With group H and G playing to finish off the group stage matches, they hold the following teams: in group G we have Brazil at the top of the table with 6 points certifying their place in the knockouts, Switzerland coming in right behind them with 3 points, Cameroon with 1 point and Serbia with 1 point as the last team placed due to goal differential. all teams except Brazil will be fighting for the 2nd place spot. In group H we have Portugal finishing off with 6 points granting them into the knockouts as the rest of the 3 teams as follows in order: Ghana with 3 points in 2nd, Korea republic in 3rd with 1 point and lastly Uruguay in dead last with 1 point as well but with a worse goal differential. As group stages normally go for regulars watching the beautiful game, anyone can make it and that’s certainly what we’ve seen in other groups as well.

Shown here as the beginning of just one of the heating tensed matches so far in the group stages, with Uruguay and Korea facing off.

Groups A through F have already been played with solidifying their top two teams moving on to the knockouts. these teams are as follows: (A): Netherlands in first with Senegal in 2nd. (B): England as first with The United States close behind in 2nd. (C): Argentina Poland finish it off as Poland takes the silver step behind Argentina. (D): France with Australia trailing in 2nd. (E): Japan, and Spain to follow breathing hard after their rough defeat to Japan. (F): Morocco takes the crown as Croatia settles for 2nd. These 12 teams are now officially in the round of 16 as we await for groups G and H to finish playing on the 2nd. Those teams will then be put into the bracket in which will then have the knockouts of 16 play from the 3rd of December to the 6th of December.

Just one of the moments in this exciting yet nerve wracking game, Iran looks to put Wales on the airplane home as they hope to advance to the knockouts.

Now to really talk about what’s made this world cup so interesting: the upsets and unexpected turns. From VAR ruling 3 of Argentinas goals against Saudi Arabia, causing them to lose 2-1 in the first group stage match, to Japan winning against Spain on the 1st of December to knock out Germany out of the world cup. And as the games show, Germany isn’t just the only top country at soccer to be knocked out. Big countries for the sport like Wales, Mexico and Belgium all have been knocked out with countries taking their place that were not expected like Morocco, Australia and of course Japan taking headlines proving anyone can go through making this world cup that much harder to predict. However, through these twists and turns we still have the favorites of the tournament playing well as always with Brazil, Portugal and France showing strong through every game so far in the group stages proving a point of the big dogs rising up to try and take that wonderful yet hard achieved, world cup trophy.