Elevation Worship Tour Ahead

Read on to see how Elevation Worship’s showstopping tour, “Elevation Nights”, is back- and better than ever.

The ministry of Steven Furtick brings people in the audience to tears during his sermon.

Elevation Nights are back! Elevation Worship and Elevation Worship are hitting the road coming 2023! Elevation Worship’s tour, featuring legendary pastor, Steven Furtick, is best known for touching the spiritual hearts of millions across the nation. And now, the experience that deepened people’s heart for God is available to see again! The tour is going to be performed in new locations in cities including Fort Wayne, Kansas City, and Toronto. Performers such as Jonsal Barrientes, Tiffany Hudson, Chandler Moore, and more of Elevation Worships amazing worship team will be featured on the tour. Elevation Rythm, the youth ministry’s worship team that mostly makes teen hits, will also be hitting the stage with them.

Elevation Worship is no stranger to putting on amazing performances and creating hit songs that break records. Their recent album, Lion, that came out in January of this past year, had many songs that were at the top of Spotify Music’s charts in the category of Christian Contemporary Hits. Songs in the album such as Same God, Lion, Forever YWEH, and No One all became popular songs performed at Christian churches across the globe.

Their live performances of these songs are some that have helped many people experience God in a fresh and unique way when worshipping to the songs. One person who experience the tour shared, “Every Sunday, I worship and hear the word online and it’s amazing! My internet connection isn’t always good, but God is! He’s been using Elevation Church to give me strength and encourage me to trust Him as I wait for His promise. The song, “Do It Again,” has helped me so much — every time I feel tired or like my faith is failing, the Lord speaks.”

The testimonies of the people in Springfield, MO are captivated during the song “Forever YWEH.”

Another said, “How do I put into words the experience I had at Elevation Nights? “Amazing” doesn’t even do it justice. I left filled with love, having encountered God’s warm embrace. Elevation Nights in Eugene, OR, was an experience I will never forget. Thank you Pastor Steven, Elevation Rhythm, Elevation Worship, and everyone else who helped make that night possible!”

The testimonies of millions have been tied to the atmosphere and experience Elevation Worship has helped create through the making of this tour. The testimonies that have ensued with the listening of Elevation Worship don’t have to be under the lights of the stadium. Personal listeners have also resonated with the music produced by the team when listened to on their own. A classmate of mine, Asa Fehrenbach, stated: ” Elevation worship is without question, unequivocally, undeniably the most influential source of contemporary Christian worship of our generation.” This team holds a special place in millions of people’s hearts, both young and old. Even if you don’t connect with music, or find it boring, there is more for you!

The cool thing about the tour: it doesn’t stop with music. Pastor Steven Furtick’s sermons give opportunities to hear the word at the event as well. Bottom line is, it’s worth the go. So, will we see you under the lights next year? Give the team and God, opportunities to move you.