Ranking All Busch Gardens Roller Coasters

If you love the thrill of the drop, a visit to Busch Gardens is a must!

Do you need a place to go and have fun during winter break? Lucky for you this article is all about Busch gardens, an amusement park in Williamsburg Virginia, and the best roller coasters to visit so you and your family can make the best most of your visit. The albums are listed from worst to best. Busch gardens has a very good selection of roller coasters, and I would recommend riding all the roller coasters if you have time, but if not, I recommend going on to ride anything above a 7/10.

InvadR – (5/10)

The worst roller coaster at Busch gardens is without a doubt their wooden coaster InvadR.  I understand that wooden coasters have limitations, but any other wooden coaster is more unique than this one. InvadR tries to make up for lack of an interesting layout by having a decent drop, sharp turns and fast speeds, but it is not enough to make the coaster a must ride when you are spending your day at Busch.

People on the interlocking loops of the roller coaster Lochness Monster at Busch gardens Williamsburg.

The Lochness Monster – (6/10)

Lochness is an older coaster, so it makes sense when I say its outdated but even though it’s not as crazy as all the new coasters it is still a unique and worthwhile experience. The interlocking loops on this coaster are how they market this coaster, and they are the best part. I recommend sitting in the way back. A common misconception is that the back is the worst but it’s actually the best spot to sit for drop airtime and the interlocking loops experience is much crazier when you can see the person in the front seat when you just look straight ahead of yourself

Tempesto – (6/10)

The only reason Tempesto is above the Lochness monster because the ride is newer which means it is much smoother than Lochness monster. If Lochness was smother, it would be superior to this coaster because the layout for Tempesto is one of the more boring roller coaster layouts that I have ever experienced. The ride is super short and always has a long wait time since only one train can be active on the tracks at a time. The ride is overall awkward and horribly deigned and the only quality that makes up for it is the smoothness of the tracks and the drops the idea behind this coaster is very unique but it’s also one of the reasons I believe they failed at a possibly good coaster

People on experiencing one of the many twists of the roller coaster Alpengiest at Busch Gardens.

Alpengeist – (6/10)

Alpengeist is the mid-point where it is very enjoyable but very awful depending on where you sit. The only seats that I would ever sit in when riding this coaster are the front seats. If you sit in the front of Alpengeist the roller coaster is awesome. It has many twists and turns that are really good with the exception of the turn that snaps you into a stall, which is the only weak part of the coaster. Sitting anywhere else but the front on Alpengeist is a horrible experience since you can’t see anything in front of you and experience so much g-force your feet feel like they weigh ten times heavier than normal.

Apollo’s Chariot – (7/10)

Apollos chariot is a one trick pony of a roller coaster, but it does what it needs to do very well. The roller coaster has a huge lift with one of the best drops in the entire park. The coaster continues shooting you over a hill and dropping you over and over while remaining a smooth, fast and fun experience. The coaster could be more unique, but it is very fun and re-ridable even though its layout is not very complex.

The last drop on the roller coaster Verbolten at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Verbolten – (8/10)

Verbolten is the scariest ride on this list because of its dark forest theme. Verbolten is one of the most unique roller coasters I have ever been on mainly because of its track drop. The roller coaster is mainly indoors and is very dark. You experience flashing lights and multiple sounds after shooting into a tunnel with a screech following it. The feature that makes this roller coaster so awesome is that the roller coaster stops in the darkness with a few lights flickering that resemble eyes. Everything turns dark leading to a giant face light up in front of you as the entire coaster track drops onto another one. This experience alone is enough to make this coaster good with so many other reasons to add.

The first dive on Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Dive coaster Griffin.

Griffin – (9/10)

Griffin is another one trick pony that is the best dive coaster I have experienced. Griffin is just like any other dive coaster and starts off with a lift into the first dive which if I am not mistaken is the second largest drop after Apollos Chariot. Griffin is very smooth until the very end where it shakes quite a bit but the experience of going through the first drop into an upside-down roll just to do the same thing again is awesome and makes up for any minor mistakes this coaster may have. This coaster is awesome but still not perfect because of minor flaws like the shaking at the end and it is not very re-ridable. After a few re-rides, you will get tired of it.

The highest point on the roller coaster Pantheon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Pantheon – (10/10)

Pantheon is hands down the best roller coaster in the park of Busch gardens. Pantheon has the best layout, is the smoothest roller coaster, is the most unique and has an awesome theme to it. Everything about this roller coaster is awesome and has accelerating speeds. The roller coaster starts by propelling you into a roll that then shoots you onto a track that has two magnetic boosts on it, you get boosted one towards a huge hill but don’t make it over the top and instead fall backwards getting boosted two times and shot into the air to the highest point on the coaster (if you are sitting in the back) you then fallback into the boosts and are boosted twice to make it over the hill. There are so many highlights on this coaster, but the best is sitting in the back and experiencing the backwards spike of the coaster.