49ers New Weapons

The Bay Area team is rising from the ashes with new talent and a bright future.

Deebo Samuel scores his share of touch-downs, helping bring the team to its new level of play.

The 49ers have been amazing  in previous years and just acquired a new running back Christian. McCaffrey! He  has been an all-star in the past and has dealt with injuries the last few seasons. The 49ers made it to the AFC championship last year and the Super Bowl the year previous. They look to repeat to go back to the Super Bowl and win this time with this new running backThe last few years they have been very good because of defense and Jimmy Garoppolo, and Deebo  Samuel lead the offense with one of the most dominant Tight ends in the league George Kittle. Deebo Samuel would usually play running back until last year when he started playing receiver to he is a really good multiposition player and is a huge threat to other defenses playing different positions. George Kittle had one of the most dominant seasons last year among tight ends  and has been leading the league in touchdowns for the last two years when he’s not injured. Jimmy Garoppolo played very well last year and the year before to help leaders team to an AFC championship and a Super Bowl appearance, but hasn’t pulled it off in the biggest stage. There are some questions about how well he plays and how rough he looks sometimes but adding a new addition, might really help open the offense.

Adding the number one ranked fantasy player in the league when he’s not injured, he also average the most yards and touchdowns when he is in and healthy. Christian McCaffrey could make a huge difference to the 49ers and the run game and could give Deebo Samuel a break.

49ers offense consulting on the play ahead, leading the team to victory!

This really opens up their office because now they have a good passing game with Debo at receiver. They have George Kittle at tight end  and now they have an elite running back if he stays healthy. This could be one of the new scariest offenses in the league. It is really up to Jimmy Garoppolo now he has all the weapons he needs and if he can’t get it done, he might be out the organization. He’s had a lot of downers and critics the last few years. His time might be up if he doesn’t pull this off, but the Niners Fanbase has his back and believes in him. But for reasons for not finishing in the Super Bowl, the media has not like Jimmy G.


News update:

Jimmy Garoppolo has been injured for the whole season with a foot injury in last Sunday’s game against the dolphins. He looks like he’s been his leg backwards and twisted it nasty ankle sprain.Coach Kyle Shanahan announced immediately following the game that Garoppolo suffered a broken foot and will require surgery that will sideline him for the remainder of 2022. Garoppolo had been enjoying one of the most productive seasons of his 49ers career, filling in for Lance while guiding the 49ers atop the NFC West. His own injury history, however, was reportedly one of the primary reasons San Francisco sought Lance as a potential long-term starter. Now, it’s suddenly back in the spotlight.