2022-23 Abu Dhabi Fire Fighters

A humorous look at one of LHS’s extracurricular BBall teams

The best team in basketball has arrived! Welcome your 2022-23 ABU DHABI FIRE FIGHTERS!! This team is loaded with nothing but talent and off-the-court issues. Expectations are through the roof for this young team and coaching staff. Let’s give the roster a look.

Rocco Valenti playing absolutely astonishing defense on this desk. He demonstrates “The box and Rocco”

Coached by legendary Ryan Bieger

Jaxon Wright, C, Jr.

Nicholas “Rocco” Valenti, G, So.

Josh Sims, G/F, Jr.

Michael Gallagher, G/F, Jr.

Hayden Oleksy, F, Jr.

Peter Cook, F, Jr.

Jack Malone, F, Jr.

Sam Forrester, G, Jr.

Mikey Bennet, C, Jr.

Daniel Schmidt, F/C, 5th year Sr.

With a roster like this, these young men have potential to go 4-6. The team features a lot of talent at the guard spot especially with the defensive capabilities of Nicholas “Rocco” Valenti and the offensive talent of Hayden Oleksy. Although, the weakness of this team most definitely is their size in the paint, as they only have Daniel Schmidt and Hayden Oleksy who are over 6 foot. But I believe this team can persevere and win some games with the perimeter shooting of Josh Sims and the craftiness of Jaxon Wright. Jack Malone, Peter Cook and Mikey Bennet provide a spark off the bench as Sam Forrester just gets buckets.

When asked his thoughts on the box and Rocco, he stated, “I think it provides depth on the defensive acumen, it gets the crowd fired up.” He also shared his favorite pregame routine, “I wake up at 6:20 am and hop in the shower, when I get out, I devour a highly nutritious breakfast usually “Overnight Oats“. I start making my way towards school at around 7:12 to get my academics done for the day. Following my school day, I head home and listen to a podcast at max volume while I take my afternoon nap. Quickly after my arising from slumber I start heading to the game to absolutely STRAP anyone that thinks they can score on me”.

Head Coach Ryan Bieger was asked what he was looking forward to on the season, he responded with “Watching the other coach sweat bullets as the Abu Dhabi Fire Fighters drop 70 points in the first half.”

Hayden leans into a psychological preparedness routine that requires meditation and personal growth.

The team has their mind set on a perfect season priding themselves on their defensive set “The box and Rocco” and the offensive strategy of just chuck it up. The personnel of this roster are known to let their opponent know when they suck as they were rated “Best Trash Talkers” due to every player being a great chirper according to an LHS student poll. This does lead to many off-court issues. With the on and off court strategies in play I think this team will perform great.