5 Criminally Underrated Artists

You could keep listening to the same basic songs, or you could read this article and gain taste!

Are you bored of listening to the same songs all year? Do you want to expand your music taste? Do you like bragging about how no one’s heard of your music?

If your answer is yes, then this article is for you.

These aren’t the most unknown artists but they’re the best and they cause confused reactions in conversation. The artists are not listed in any particular order, they’re all 10/10. Since you could easily Google images of all these artists I’m going to be adding images that I think fit their vibes.

The glowing sky matches Flower Face’s ethereal vibes.

Ruby Mckinnon is a Canadian artist who creates enchanting soundscapes under the stage name Flower Face. When I first found their music I remember being so excited because it sounded like nothing I’d ever heard before. You’ll definitely be tempted to spend hours staring at your ceiling deciphering her lyrics. Feelings of sadness but understanding are what “October Birds” caused for me. I was instantly hypnotized by the lyric “Just a reflection of me, did I hurt you so badly?”

Two pigeons taking a stroll through Union Station, bobbing their heads to Sipper’s playful tunes.

Sipper’s music is incredibly difficult to describe, its weird, and crazy, and bouncy, and yet still sad. His music is an experience you need to have. Listen to his music when you want your life to feel like a teenage coming of age movie, but a good one. “F*** June” is the song that first introduced me to Sipper, like the rest of his music at first listen it sounds playful and upbeat but looking at the lyrics quickly shatters that illusion. “But its all gone so soon, I go back to my room.” Definitely not as happy as the beat would suggest.

Trees lit up in colorful light in Maymont Park. Maisie Peters is incredibly creative so her lyricism is easily described as colorful.

British singer-songwriter Maisie Peters has vastly grown in popularity since I first listened to her, but she’s still not the household name her music deserves. Perfect for people going through a breakup, people still not over that breakup from years ago, and people who cry over a guy they talked to once. There are just way too many amazing songs to pick only one so listen to “Hollow” if you want to cry and “Boy” if you want to punch someone. “Boy” contains this gem of a lyric, “But you’re a boy, and I can tell that you’ve never been hugged boy.”

A sunset over the highway- dark but with a glimpse of light, just like the band it represents.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise, is the name of this band not enough to convince you? Then let me tell you a little more; their music is best described as chill rock that you can tap your foot to and lyrics to have an existential crisis to. Yet again way too many to choose from, but I recommend “Hide”. Its about being part of the LGBTQ+ community in an unaccepting place, “Running from a place where they don’t make people like me.” This subject is nothing shocking seeing as lead singer Ela Melo is a trans woman and bassist Charlie Holt is trans and non-binary.

An overcast sky above the airport road. Once again, dark with light peaking through the cracks, characteristics of the best depressing music.

Joe P draws you into his world of indie pop with his raspy vocals and memorable lyrics. He used to be part of a band called Deal Casino, which was formed in the eighth grade. Unfortunately they were dropped by their record label which is why Joe P branched off into solo work and found success on social media. “Off My Mind” is a perfect song to introduce you to Joe P, with lyrics like, “I’ll be making toast in the tub with all my ducks in a row wearing all of my clothes.” Perfectly encapsulating the playful yet still grungy dark vibes of his music.

My hope is that I’ve introduced more people to the songs and artists that got me through 2022.