Binx, the sweet kitty.

A silly little cat who I love with my whole everything.


Ozzie Sibley

A close up picture of Binx staring off probably plotting something.

Binx or Bink lives with my mom, my sister, and I. He is the sweetest baby boy known to man and he makes everyone smile. Binx has plenty of nicknames like baby boy, Bink my personal favorite, little man, the baby, the baby boy, and lots more that are either just random noises or baby boy varieties. He enjoys sitting on my sister’s bed and in my mom’s closet along with sitting downstairs in different places like the middle of the couch, the dining room table chairs, and in the office with the sliding glass door. Bink is such a silly little cat for example he requests pets as he eats, and he poses for pictures every once and awhile.

Binx in the blue chair becoming a worm.

I have a funny habit of taking pictures of him from random angles like from below or really close up in his face. One of my favorite things that he does is sit on a big blue chair by the window and he looks from it except his feet are on the bottom and his front paws are on the top, so he looks really long. It’s a hilarious thing to witness. I once found Binx on the top of my mom’s closet rack and he was once on top of a standing up mattress that’s against the wall. When he gets the zoomies, he goes mostly up and down the stairs and he bites as well, Binx also bats at our dog when he is approached its funny because my dog seems so happy when Binx throws his paws at him. Binx is a very cuddly cat as well. For example, he has come up to me multiple times and sat right on my lap or he sits next to me and curls up there.

Binx on the mattress that’s against the wall. It’s scary how high up he is. He can almost touch the ceiling by just sitting there.

My friends and friends of family all love him so much. When my friends met him for the first time, they all agreed that he was a sweet boy. My partner, Alkyone, who was the first to meet him says that “He is so cute and an agent of chaos!” and that “Bink demands respect!”. My sister is the one who owns him, and she says that he’s the best cat ever or that he’s so cute. another family member, Rae thinks that Binx is a bit intimidating due to her cat Wallace, being intimidated by him and my other sister, Caroline, who has his brother says that “Gomez (the brother) thinks he’s a solid brother when they see each other” and she says that Binx has social anxiety. My brother Jakob thinks that Binx is the most relaxed cat that he has ever seen, and he thinks it’s weird how chill he is. My friend Azriel says “hee hee, funny little Binkly boo” which describes Binx perfectly in my opinion and my other friend Morrigan, my best friend has a lot to say about him, he says “Binx, nicknamed Bink, is a former friendly cat i have acquainted with during multiple visits with his owner Ozzie.

This is the first picture of Binx I have took since he started living with me.

This cat is magnificent. This cat is the most splendid, sweet spectacular cat I’ve seen in my entire 15 years of age. This cat may lack in certain comprehension of subjects but overall, he is a 10/10 cat. As much as this cat is loveable and slightly dense of a boy, he’s also a very sophisticated kitty. Binx’s can put on his imaginary persona of a strong boy. A truly fancy man. A truly knowledgeable cosmopolitan. He hunts through magic see through human walls and then he takes a nap. I personally, me, a Binx fan, adore this cat and admire his ways of classical living.

As you can see, Binx is a very loved kitty and I personally think he’s one of the best cats I have ever met and seen. Binx the unknown aged cat is always living in his prime! He does everything and anything he wants, and he still demands pets as he eats. Binx the little baby boy will forever be the sweetest kitty I have ever met.