Abortion in the U.S. DOWN THE ROAD

Every state faces different restrictions on abortion. Following the timeline of these transitions can drive those to change history on their own.


Name of engraver not given., Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Abortion is becoming illegal in some states and is a very sensitive topic for most. This represents a baby in the fetus, and what is inside a woman’s body.

Procedures have morphed over time to become safer and healthier for female bodies. In the past people have tried to do an abortion themselves by using coat hangers but now people are more educated.

Abortion has been altered, denied and varied in violently drastic ways since 1847. As detailed on the Planned Parenthood website “Historical Abortion Law Timeline, at that time, male-dominated American Medical Association made all medical practices and decisions. They gave themselves the power to decide what was and what was not correct abortion circumstances. Our country frowned upon this as the AMA failed to have accurate and certified medical physicians. From this point, there were violent protests and campaigns driving the states to permanently ban abortion for all women.

Most people began to accept these laws as others learned how to rebel. By the 80s, every state followed this law. The anger among protest groups built up over time. Increasing numbers of people felt that abortion should be legal at certain stages of early pregnancy, and if the mother’s life is in danger or the babies, that it should still be an option at that point, in those conditions.

18% of maternal deaths resulted from underground abortions before they were legal.

For a time, pregnant women were encouraged to take Thalidomide, which caused deep birth effects for babies when born. That brought new demand for legal and healthy abortions. As a result, circumstances under which it was legal to obtain an abortion were expanded to include incest, rape, and fetal abnormalities. Our Supreme Court recognized that the constitution protected the right, and that it “is broad enough to encompass a woman’s decision whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.” Roe V Wade was finally taking a big picture of making abortion services safer and more accessible throughout the country.

Victorian Socialists is democratic campaign gained support from several trade unions and divide our society on these protests to make a change.

Former President Ronald Reagan, reformed the “Global Gag Rule” to deny any foreign organizations that receive U.S. health aid from providing information on and referrals for abortions or advocating for abortion access. This was viewed as unsafe and not necessary because of former Roe V Wade being passed in all 50 States.

Ever since, every president has supported legal abortion procedures. Former president Donald trump followed the Global Gag Rule and re-instated what Reagan ordered. With this also being frowned upon, now we are headed down a road being overturned and retracted again. Abortion has become very more common and drastically safer since the start of this timeline. Ever since (2022), marches and loud voices have saved those victims of rape, which wouldn’t have originally been saved back in 1847.