Slime Rancher 2 Game Review

A new game with new reviews. An adorable game to add to your wishlist.


Ozzie Sibley

A flat largo phosphor slime about to jump! So cute!

Slime Rancher 2 by Monomi Park is an adventure game with cute blob like creatures. The game follows with Beatrix LeBeau traveling to a island far from her own to discover new slimes, new areas, and much more! This game is much different than the first for it contains new slimes like the ringtail slime, angler slime, flutter slime, cotton slime, and the batty slime. There is also two new islands called rainbow island and ember island. The unfortunate part about the game is that the game is just an early release and there’s still bugs and glitches needed to be patched.

Look at all these hens! This is just what happens after a day or two after adding just a few hens in there. Be careful they like to jump out.

The fans of Slime Rancher 2 absolutely love this game! Weighing in on Google Reviews, some think that it’s a colorful and rich starting point while other just love how many chickens you can have. They love the new graphics and new slimes, they say it’s just so fun to play, and they can’t wait for more updates!

Fans on Fandom think that this game is extremely addictive and others just completely fell in love with it.

Slime Rancher 2 isn’t that much different than the first game. It has the same idea and same slimes like pink smiles, tabby slimes, phosphor slimes, rock slimes and honey slimes. There is the same kinds of meat like the hen hens, roostro, stony hen, and briar hen along with their younger and older selves. Thankfully the character you play as, Beatrix, is the same as the first game too. It has the same gadgets just different ways to upgrade them. It also has the same plort system and the same fruits and veggies like pogofruit and carrots along with odd onions and mint mangos. as for the new things there’s so much more!

Just a simple pink slime hovering above ground. It’s so peaceful, so cute, and so happy. Aw!

For instance this game is a lot more sciency for example you have to go around and look for resources like the strange diamond, radiant ore, jelly stone, buzz wax, lava dust, silky sand,deep brine, primordy oil, and wild honey. There are new decorations and new kinds of teleporter. Some knew food are water lettuce, pomegranate, sea hen, and moondew nectar.

Old fans of the game feel as if the game is too short and there isn’t much to do after exploring most places. a good friend of mine Morrigan age 15 has been playing for a few years now thinks that there should’ve been more puzzles and ordainments like in the last game.Others like like James Shaw cant wait for the next big update! Another fan who happens to also be a close friend and my partner is Alkyone, also 15 and a big fan of slime rancher 1 and 2 thinks that the chicken overflow is way better than the first game.

This game truly is a good game even if its early access. It’s similar yet so different than the first game and its just the cutest! You can buy Slime Rancher 2 on steam and xbox/xbox cloud gaming.