Ups and Downs of High Fashion

While designer fashion is incredible, is it really worth the effort? Keep reading to find out!


Looking for a friend, her warm jacket seems to be keeping her warm.

Lights flashing in white colors, the stage having a fog machine cover the walk, models strutting down the walkway showing off their designer dresses or suits made by the highest brand. The crowds cheering to the designers and the models as they watch with amazement of how intricate and original the outfits are, and how it would be beautiful to see in the open public. Yet, they’ll mostly be overpriced and only seen in more formal sophisticated events. The models make them look amazing, and of course the designers are rather greedy on the pricing, making anyone think that they could pull it off, which some can and other can’t. Though, it’s good to see that people are willing to step out of certain comfort zones to try new things. Especially with their style.

During the Met Gala, Rihanna came with a great attitude and a great fashion sense to shock and amaze everyone.

How come when shopping at a common retailing store like Walmart, a shirt would cost just five dollars, ten at most, but shopping at somewhere like Chico’s, a simple white blouse would be priced at nearly seventy dollars?

Sometimes it would not look the best, that would even make it cost more. Understandably from this article, What Is the Right Price for Fashion? Three Designers Share Their Thoughts from Vogue, pricing is not always easy to do.

To put it simply, there has to be some grounds for right pricing. Like a dress from Lord & Taylor, one of them is a gorgeous rose gold long-sleeved V-neck, and it costs eight-hundred dollars. The dress itself is not living up to what people may think either, if anything it’s a plain cocktail dress. Going onto the looks, sometimes they’ll look God-tier, others not so much.

It’s really hard to understand why designers make what they make and how some if not most can like some weird stuff. Just because people can have their own opinions, doesn’t mean they’re always right–but that’s the point of opinions. For example, it’s hard to believe that people can make a Victorian era inspired dress and people say that it’s not very good looking. It’s better than wearing something that looked like the designer had extra fabric of everything and made a dress out of that when it doesn’t even look that nice. Then they would continue to make that dress a quarter million, which is outrageously expensive.

A dress much like this may just make a great outfit for a date.

Personal fashion is of course, unique. No one person would wear the same thing over and over again, sometimes it can vary. For example, if one was going for a 90’s aesthetic, they would wear some big cargo jeans and a crop top, perhaps even some accessories and a jacket that gave off that energy. To refer to the grunge look, it would be very similar, but instead more oversized jackets and shirts to complete the look.

Others go for a more comfortable look, sweatpants and hoodies, or perhaps just tee shirts with some leggings. Some even help with one’s self-confidence and nobody should be ashamed of that, but when high fashion brands make absolute ridiculous items it’s strange to see people dress in such.