Reviewing “Her Loss” by Drake and 21 Savage

Drake has just dropped the ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!!!

Reviewing Her Loss by Drake and 21 Savage

Beautiful, astonishing, extravagant, electrifying, and mesmerizing are all words I would use to describe the third album of the trilogy of albums dropped by Drake this year. The first of the three albums was “Certified Lover Boy”, this album was filled with great songs receiving excellent reviews. The next album released by Drake was “Honestly, Nevermind” which received very negative reviews. The third album and his most recent, “Her Loss” which was a collaborative album with 21 Savage.

Nicholas Valenti is pictured here listening to his new favorite album. He states “Circo Loco is my favorite song on the album.”

“Her Loss” features 16 songs, 4 being sang by only Drake and 1 solely sang by 21 Savage, which leads to the remaining 9 sang by both. This album was majority produced by famous rapper Lil Yachty with help from Metro Boomin and Tay Keith. Lil Yachty also chose the very unique album cover for “Her Loss”, which received backlash from the general public. In my opinion, the cover, which features an organic picture of an exotic female model who goes by the name “Suki Baby”, does not fit the theme of the album. The albums named “Her Loss” although the cover highlights women.

The opening song, “Rich Flex,” sang by both artists features multiple beat switches and catchy lyrics providing excitement for the following 15 songs. Next is “Major Distribution” one of my personal favorites. The song starts with a melodic tone while Drake sings before the beat switches to a trap rhythm and 21 murders the track. “On BS”, the third song on the album is overlooked and I believe it’s for a good reason, the song stinks. Luckily, “BackOutsideBoyz” is a great track where Drake levitates across the beat, my only complaint would be no feature from someone like Gunna, Lil Baby or Young Thug. Songs five and six, “Privileged Rappers” and “Spin Bout U” are both in my top 5 songs on the album. They are absolute masterpieces of work, everything about both songs was perfect. “Hours in Silence” is another forgotten song for a reason, it also is not one of my favorites. “Treacherous Twins” follows, once again Drake saves a bad song by following it up with the absolute BANGER!

Josh Sims has broken into tears listening to the MASTERPIECE Drake and 21 Savage just blessed us with. He’s a very big fan of “I Guess It’s F**k Me”.

Moving onto the second half of the album we start off on “Circo Loco”. It is a very popular song and a fan favorite although I believe it is as mid as can be. Now we have my absolute FAVORITE song on the album “P***y and Millions” this song is pure joy in your ears, it features the only feature of the album, Travis Scott. He is perfect for this song; every aspect of this song makes me want to do ungodly things to myself. The album hits a real HEATER in this section as “Broke Boys”, “Middle of the Ocean”, “Jumbotron S**t Poppin”, and “More M’s”, which are all exquisite listens. “More M’s” and “Middle of the Ocean” round out my top 5 songs on the album. To finish it up we have “3AM on Glenwood” and “I Guess It’s F**k Me”, which are both very calm and emotional songs. I prefer “I Guess It’s F**k Me” because it’s such a calming song.

Overall, I believe this is a GREAT album and think it is worthy of a 8.8/10 rating, all things considered.