2022 Lafayette Girls Soccer Wins A State Championship

A record-setting year in retrospect.


Photo By Eva Fields

These are the enthusiastic faces of state champs!

This past spring, the girls varsity soccer team at Lafayette High School brought home the state championship win for the first time in school history. This talented team is also on a two-year regional championship winning streak, winning the 2021/2022 season as well as the 2022/2023 season. Both years, York High School and Lafayette High School faced each other in the regional finals. The lady rams went in confident and came out with a hard fought 2-0 win in the finals. Let’s take a look behind the scenes at this impressive group.

The Rams celebrate a regional win for the second year in a row!

The 2022-2023 roster includes:

Ten Seniors- Sydney King, Peyton Rabb, Reagan Hunt, Caitlyn Antle, Madison Adcock, Brooke Potter, Caitlin Baynard, Emma Moyer, Meggie Rogers, Abigail Trowbridge

Six Juniors- Posey Troy, Jaelyn Palmer, Clara Burgess, Jasmin Piggott, Samantha Lynch, Charity Egbo

Two Sophomores- Eva Fields, Alexis King

Six Freshman- Mandi Lynch, Erica Kitamura, Kira Moore, Reagan Hurley, Adriana Lightfoot, Taylor Walker

After regionals, the team traveled to Spotsylvania, VA to continue their journey at Courtland High School. First, they took on Meridian High School, and ended in a 2-1 win for the Rams. Next, they play Lord Botetourt which was arguably the most competitive game they will play in the state tournament. The Rams fought hard and secured a place in the state championship when they beat Lord Botetourt 4-1. Finally, Lafayette will face Hidden Valley, at 12:30pm for the state championship game. It all comes down to this, the most intense 90 minutes of the girls’ high school careers. The Rams warpath comes to an end when they beat Hidden Valley High School 5-0!! So many emotions pour out of the players, no one knows if the tears are happy or sad. This will be the last game this family plays together, but at least the seniors will leave for college with a state championship ring.

Coach Kellie Ernst and Page Frantz acknowledge a goal with a celebratory high five.

This journey started from day one. On the final day of tryouts, Coach Kellie Ernst, had her team picked out. She made it very clear that this team would be the first to win a state championship, in the history of Lafayette girls’ soccer. Coach Ernst made sure of this. If the girls were in the wrong mindset during warmups, she’d send them back into the locker room to get their energy right. At this time, the team would continue their pre-game ritual started by the juniors of the 2020-2021 season. Before every big game, the entire team would do the Cotton-Eyed Joe together. The ritual continued through the next season, and the Rams never played a bad game. This led the ladies to an overall record of 18-2 in the 2022 season. Although the Rams had to pass off ten seniors after their 2022 season, the team for the 2023 season appears to be very solid as well. With the help of the incoming freshman, this team has a very good chance of winning states for the second time. The seniors must take responsibility in continuing the Cotton-Eyed Joe to build the same family-like bond as last years seniors.